8 Mouthwatering Dishes Made With Chia Seeds

Have you ever thought about supplementing your diet with chia seeds, the must-have ingredient that everyone's been talking about? READ: Can Chia Seeds Really Fight Wrinkles? Experts Weigh in It’s been reported that this tiny superfood is loaded with nutrients, and can even make you feel fuller longer. Plus, making a batch of chia seeds is as easy as soaking them overnight, and in the morning, they can be sweetened with fresh fruit, topped with sliced nuts, or simply enjoyed with a little bit of creamy coconut or almond milk for a hearty snack. But did you know that there are other ways to turn your chia seeds into a more satisfying meal? (We didn’t, at least until now.) READ: 10 Waist-Trimming Foods You Need in Your Fridge Below, check out eight of our favorite mouthwatering ideas for those chia seeds:

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    Lemon and Chia Seed Pull-Apart Bread Like some of us, Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess had chia seeds taking up space in her kitchen, but didn't know what to do with them. Fortunately, she came up with this warm and fluffy lemon and chia seed pull-apart bread, which features plenty of (seemingly) never-ending layers to keep your tastebuds happy.
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    Vegan French Toast Wife and husband team Dana and John from Minimalist Baker came up with this super decadent vegan French toast, which features simple, comforting ingredients, such as cinnamon, vanilla and sweet agave. But what makes this French toast stand out is the batter, which was thickened with chia seeds for healthier and tastier results.
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    Triple Berry Chia Seed Muffins Serena from Domesticate Me was looking for a yummy way to relive her childhood, so she baked a stack of muffins. But we're not taking any ol' muffins — these are triple berry chia seed muffins, bursting with three types of juicy berries (blueberries, raspberries, and strawberries to be exact), and prepared with Greek yogurt to make them perfectly moist. "You’ve also got plenty of antioxidant-rich berries in there, and superfood chia seeds provide an added boost of protein, fiber and omega-3s," says Serena.
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    Black Forest Smoothie Who doesn't love slurping on a creamy, velvety smooth milkshake? It always hits the spot, although it tends to pack on the pounds. Fortunately, you don't need to give up on this classic entirely: Amanda of Running With Spoons came up with a deliciously thick and luscious black forest smoothie, which tastes like a liquefied cake. It's got plenty of cocoa and cherries, and also chia seeds for a healthier, feel-good twist.
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    No-Bake Cherry Chia Crumble Bars Ashley of Blissful Basil says it best: "The best desserts are no-bake and packed full of cherries." Her no-bake cherry chia crumble bars pretty much prove her point, too. It requires no baking, and the cherry filling is super, well, filling because the chia seeds successfully work their magic to thicken up the gooey goodness of the bar. And we must stress this again: There's no baking, which means more eating.
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    Mini Morning Egg Bites Scrambled, poached or sunny-side-up, eggs are a delicious way to kick off any morning — but when they're transformed into petite muffins, we know it's going to be an especially good day. Amie of The Healthy Apple came up with these mini morning egg bites, which you can easily pop in your mouth when heading out the door. "They’re also perfect to toss into a Ziploc bag and enjoy with a dollop of guacamole when your hunger strikes at 3 p.m.," she adds.
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    Mocha Chocolate Chunk Chia Seed Brownies "We all know chia is good for us and it’s a great source of fiber," explains Carolyn of All Day I Dream About Food about her mocha chocolate chunk chia seed brownies. "Because chia tends to attract and hold moisture, [the brownies] were very dense and fudgy, which is my favourite kind of brownie … I dressed mine up with a little coffee and some chocolate chunks, but they would be wonderful frosted or with nuts and other fun inclusions," she adds. (And for the record, Carolyn's son insists these are the best brownies ever.)
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    Blackberry Chia Seed Jam What pairs perfectly with freshly baked bread straight out of the oven? A fruity, luscious jam. Sicne many store-bought varieties tend to pack in the sugar, trry making your very own — infused with chia seeds, of course. Maria from Two Peas and Their Pod says her receipe for blackberry chia seed jam takes only 20 minutes, since the chia seeds have a magical ability to thicken the fruit. The result is nothing short of exquisite.
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