8 made-in-America kitchen tools we love

You buy local, so why not get your kitchen essentials local. With so many kitchen appliances and accessories manufactured overseas, it's good to know that some fine food-making tools are still handcrafted on American soil. Here are some of our favorite cooking essentials that are still made in the good old U.S. of A. 

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    Super Skewer BBQ Skewers The original Super Skewers are perfect for the man-sized grill, with crafted wooden handles and dual 1/8″ round stainless steel tines that are 19” long –which let’s you hold a lot of goodies.  Grill Time has been making the skewers for 20 years and  manufactures them in Salem, Ore.
    Grill Time
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    Santoku Chef Knife We were so happy to hear that New West is improving on its already amazing Santoku chef knife.  Not only does the handle of the Santoku 2.0 come in seven groovy colors, the blade can easily make paper-thin meat slices or julienne the toughest of carrots.  New West sources the raw steel for the blades in New York State, where they’re later cut, ground and finished in Shelburne Falls, Mass.
    New West Knife Works
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    Pyrex 3-piece Sculptured Mixing Bowl Set  This set of three mixing bowls is perfectly sized to handle just about every cooking project, and the best part is that Pyrex be used for baking, cooking, microwaving, serving, and storage.  Not all of Pyrex products (now owned by World Kitchen) are still made in the U.S. (its metal bakeware, for example, is manufactured abroad), but its glass bakeware products proudly display the American flag and the “made in the USA” label.  
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    Lodge 12” Cast Iron Skillet Hands down, this is the most essential frying pan you will ever own. Bake or fry in it. And don't worry--this cast iron frying pan comes pre-seasoned so your food won't stick. Lodge is now the only major manufacturer of cast iron cookware in the U.S., so you can feel better about whipping up your famous fried chicken in a pan that wasn't made in Asia or Europe.  
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    Viking Professional Blender The same company that makes high quality cooking ranges also makes one powerful blender. Part of its small appliance professional series, the motor is tough enough to pulse, puree and liquefy just about anything. Viking Range Corp. is based in Greenwood, Miss. and makes a range of other kitchen appliances for people looking for that made in America label.
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    Jacob Bromwell All-American Flour Sifter Made in Tennessee by skilled craftsmen, Jacob Bromwell sells a nostalgic line of very cool, old- time products that are still very functional in today’s kitchens.  Any baker worth his or her grain of salt knows that to make a perfect cake you need sift your flour with the other dry ingredients.  Turning the hand crank makes you feel like you can bake better than Betty Crocker.
    Jacob Bromwell
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    Heath Tapered Glasses The height and shape of this glass shout for a pale ale, and by all means, cheers to that! But the simple design and substantial weight make it perfect for so much more, from iced coffee to a blended fruit drink on a hot summer day.  Heath Glass, which also has a terrific line of ceramics, makes their hand-blown glassware in their 80-year old facility in West Virginia.
    Heath Glass
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    Cutting Board with Celtic Trinity Inlay This cutting is almost too pretty to cut on. Not only is Kentucky Cutting Boards' 16" round cutting board durable enough to cut up your meats and melons, its inlay Celtic trinity design is a piece of art.  Based in Louisville, Ky., the company takes different types hardwood and handcrafts them into functional kitchen tools --all made in America.
    Kentucky Cutting Boards
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