8 Cool Icebox Cakes to Make (When You Don’t Feel Like Baking)

With the arrival of the cool fall season comes more baking, and therefore, breaking a sweat in the kitchen while cranking out your beloved seasonal pumpkin and apple, right? Guess again. READ: 10 Pumpkin Dessert Recipes (That Aren't Pie) While we’re all for devouring a slice or two of those American classics, you should also make room on your table for another traditional dish — one that’s equally drool-worthy and doesn’t require baking. Become reacquainted with icebox cakes, those throwback treats that use refrigeration as part of the preparation process. Yes, these cool delights are usually enjoyed during the sweltering summer months, but they’re also a yummy alternative when you’re short on time and just don’t feel like, well, baking. READ: 10 Apple Dessert Recipes (That Aren't Pie) For some mouthwatering inspiration, we uncovered 8 satisfying icebox cakes for you to make as soon as there's room in the fridge: 

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    Oreo Icebox Cake

    As a special treat for her husband, Shelly of Cookies & Cups decided to whip up his favorite dessert, but with a mouthwatering twist. Instead of just relying on usual graham crackers, her Oreo icebox cake features never-ending layers of double stuffed cookies, loads of Cool Whip, and a generous serving of chocolate sauce.
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    Cinnamon and Chocolate Chip Cookie Icebox Cake

    Karyn of Dieters Downfall knows exactly what you’re craving. Simply rely on her cinnamon and chocolate chip cookie icebox cake, a mountain of sweetness highlighting layers upon layers of crispy chocolaty cookies, hearty mascarpone whipped cream, and a serious rainfall of chocolate sauce. Oh, and there are more chocolate shavings in there, too. (If you’re feeling guilty, simply throw in a ripe strawberry or two.)
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    Strawberry Icebox Cake

    A late bloomer to the wonder that are icebox desserts, Amy of Chew Out Loud decided to make up for lost time by preparing her simple yet tantalizing strawberry icebox cake. Her secret is relying on sun-kissed strawberries for extra sweetness, which also pairs perfectly with graham crackers and heavy whipping cream.
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    Chocolate Mint Icebox Cupcakes

    So you don’t want to gorge on an entire cake, right? How about these adorable but super delish chocolate mint icebox cupcakes from Maria & Josh at Two Peas & Their Pod instead? Layered with chocolate mint thins, the cake also relies on peppermint whipped cream dyed in a bold emerald hue for a festive touch. Create an entire batch for loved ones … or eat them all up on your own. We won't judge.
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    Pina Colada Icebox Pie

    Everyone loves this creamy tropical cocktail, but it happens to taste even better in the form of a three-layer pineapple, coconut and cream pie that requires zero baking. Ashley from Kitchen Meets Girl presents her pina colada icebox pie, which she insists makes her feel “like I was on a beach, soaking up the sun and feeling the waves splash on my feet.” When the winter blues get you down, try savoring a slice or two of this edible masterpiece.
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    Lemon Icebox Pie

    For some zest in your life, savor a wonderfully simple lemon icebox pie courtesy of Lindsay from Life, Love & Sugar. According to the blogger, it is “the perfect marriage” of her two favorite things: juicy, tart lemons and plenty of sweet, buttery cream. Not only will this treat brighten up any table, but it’s a surefire way to satisfy any craving without experiencing the dreaded sugar coma.
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    Banana Pudding Icebox Cake

    What makes creamy banana pudding taste even better? When it’s transformed into a hearty icebox cake. Tracey of The Kitchen is My Playground loves making banana pudding icebox cake because it has all the traditional add-ins of the Southern classic, and it’s nearly bursting with thick vanilla custard, sliced bananas, and lots of whipped cream. There’s also the sprinkling of crushed vanilla wafers and pecans. (You’re welcome.)
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    Pumpkin Eclair Icebox Cake

    If you’re stocked up on pumpkins but just can’t bear to bake pie yet again, consider this super simple and perfectly awesome pumpkin éclair icebox cake from Jenn of Endlessly Inspired. She tells us this dessert is an ideal make-ahead dish, and the perfect mouthwatering go-to during the holiday season. And seriously, who doesn’t want to gorge on pumpkin spice pudding topped with cream cheese icing and plenty of graham crackers for extra crunch?
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