7 Garlic-Heavy Dishes to Gobble Down on National Garlic Month

Show us a person who doesn't like the flavor or aroma of garlic, and we'll show you a vampire masquerading as a human. WATCH: Making Garlic Risotto With Eden Grinshpan As far as we're concerned, there are very few dishes that can't be bettered through the addition of garlic. From pasta and popcorn to breads and brussels sprouts, we've yet to meet a garlicky meal we didn't love — and all of our favorite food bloggers seem to agree. In fact, the only people that wouldn't enjoy a nice garlicky dinner during National Garlic Month are undead Dracula-beings straight from the bowels of hell. With that in mind, whip up one of the following dishes in honor of National Garlic Month, if only to protect yourself from evil blood-sucking spirits:

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    Damn Delicious
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    Creamy Garlic Chicken Bee at Rasa Malaysia bathes her crispy chicken thighs in a sauce of white wine, yogurt and 15–20 cloves of garlic. Click here to try the recipe, or just skip the whole chicken part and bathe yourself in a nice garlic reduction instead.
    Rasa Malaysia
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    'Everything' White Bean Hummus Jessica at How Sweet Eats has an ingenious idea: Make a dip that tastes like an everything bagel, and everything you dip will taste like an everything bagel. The kicker? She uses an entire head of roasted garlic. Get the recipe here.
    How Sweet Eats
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    Crispy Brussels Sprouts With Garlic Aioli Anna of Costa Kitchen gets rave reviews for her Brussels sprouts recipe, thanks in no small part to the garlicky aioli she serves on the side. (We're pretty sure we'd eat a shoe if it was covered in that stuff.)
    Costa Kitchen
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    Creamy Garlic Mac & Cheese Are there any four words in the English language that sound as sweet as "creamy garlic mac (&) cheese"? We think not — and neither does Emma Chapman of A Beautiful Mess. Start chopping some garlic, then click here for the recipe.
    A Beautiful Mess
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    Mini Garlic Monkey Bread Chungah at Damn Delicious is one of our favorite food bloggers, and not just because we love saying "Damn Delicious." (Although we enjoy that part, too). Check out her recipe for little loaves of garlicky pull-apart bread right here.
    Damn Delicious
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    Garlic and Parmesan Popcorn Cookbook author Jacqueline Whitehart doesn't just sprinkle garlic powder on top of her garlic popcorn; she pops the kernels themselves in a garlic-infused oil. Get the recipe here and get popping.
    Harper Collins
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    Garlic Kale Chips Through the magic of garlic, even something as vile as kale becomes a delicious snack you'll want to eat by the handful. Case in point: this garlicky roasted kale recipe from Kelly at Nosh and Nourish.
    Nosh and Nourish
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