7 culinary camps for kids

You're never too young to be a chef. 

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    Edible and Living Garden Schoolyard Camp

    Classic Thyme Cooking School Westfield, NJ "Campers will learn while participating in the planting, growing, weeding, watering, and harvesting, of a living schoolyard garden," said David Martone, the executive chef and owner of Classic Thyme Cooking School. "Each day will consist of activities including hands on work in the garden, indoor classroom activities, science, preparation of all natural healthy foods and treats, as well as some good old fashion getting dirty with our hands in the dirt fun."
    Classic Thyme Cooking School
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    Life on the Farm Camp

    Connolly Ranch Napa, CA “When they’re tasting those eggs and they’re meeting those chickens, it’s the excitement of figuring out where their food is coming from,” said Jennifer Fotherby, the executive director for Connolly Ranch in Napa, California.
    Connolly Ranch
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    Urban Foodies: Hidden Restaurants

    Taste Buds Kitchen New York, NY "Urban foodies - they're going to go to two to three different locations each day," said Nicole Bassis, the manager of Taste Buds Kitchen. "It's all kind of cool, very New York-style places."
    Taste Buds Kitchen
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    Super Foodie Camp

    Taste Buds Kitchen New York, NY "Super Foodie Camp is all about the super foods and highlighting a superfood and what super strength it gives you," said Nicole Bassis, the manager of Taste Buds Kitchen. "We do quinoa, kale.. They'll do two to three recipes a day highlighting a super food."
    Taste Buds Kitchen
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    Master Chef Junior Camp

    Taste Buds Kitchen New York, NY "Master Chef Junior Camp is based off the master chef show on TV," said Nicole Bassis, the manager of Taste Buds Kitchen. "They compete against each other in teams. There are two secret ingredients each day and they have to make three different recipes."
    Taste Buds Kitchen
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    Summer Camp

    Culinary Kids Mandeville, LA "On the surface, we are teaching children kitchen safety, cooking techniques, healthy living and more through recipes and wild science experiments... but in reality, our students are inspiring their own families to connect over meals at home," said Sherri Hansen, the owner and director of Culinary Kids in Mandeville, Louisiana. "Creating and sharing meals together leads to memories, traditions and life skills that last."
    Culinary Kids
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    Culinary Camp

    Pali Adventures Running Springs, CA “As a self confessed ‘foodie’ I really can’t think of a better way to spend the summer," said Abby Schmidt, the culinary director for Pali Adventures. "Our culinary campers gain a deeper appreciation of food and develop many culinary skills. The best part is, they get to eat everything they make and if there is any leftover they get to share them with their friends.”
    Pali Adventures
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