6 Burger Sauces to Slather All Over Your Toasty, Delicious Buns

A great burger sauce is like a great pair of shapewear: It's not necessary in the way of dressing, but boy does it take your buns to the next level.  RECIPE: The Happiest Hour's 'Happiest Burger' is All Kinds of Happy We're not just talking about ketchup or mayonnaise, either. A good burger sauce needs to have layers of flavors, pairing salty with sweet, or spicy with umami. It should complement the burger without overpowering it, giving off a come-hither quality that has everybody yearning for your saucy buns. (And yes, we're talking about burgers.) If you've noticed your buns have been looking a little lackluster lately, consider giving them a boost with one of these flattering dressings:

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    Photo credits: How Sweet It Is; Amuse Your Bouche; Mother Thyme
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    Julie's Classic Burger Sauce Julie at Willow Bird Baking knows that a tangy orange sauce is the hallmark of a classic roadside-style burger, so she's sure to whip up plenty whenever she serves some old-fashioned fare. See how it's made right here.
    Willow Bird Baking
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    Krissy's Chipotle Aioli Krissy of Self Proclaimed Foodie says the best burger she's ever had was at a restaurant where they spooned chipotle aioli on the bun. Since then, she's learned to make her own from scratch. If you're not afraid of spice, get the recipe here.
    Self Proclaimed Foodie
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    Becca's Homemade Burger Sauce Becca from Amuse Your Bouche slathers her veggie burgers in this homemade sauce for a little extra oomph. She says everyone wants the recipe once they give it a taste — and we believe her. Click here to learn how it's made.
    Amuse Your Bouche
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    Jessica's Avocado Basil Cream Sauce If you're a fan of guacamole on your burger, you're going to love this sauce from Jessica at How Sweet It Is. A bit creamier and infused with basil, she says it's especially good on hearty black bean patties. Check out the recipe here.
    How Sweet It Is
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    Jenn's Campfire Sauce There's a reason Jenn at Mother Thyme calls this recipe "campfire" sauce: Made with a few drops of liquid smoke, it lends its smoky, fiery flavor to burgers, steaks, chicken and fries. Click here for the recipe.
    Mother Thyme
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    Katie's Bacon, Onion and Green Chile 'Jam' We usually expect "jam" to be made from strawberries or blackberries, but Katie at Dishin' and Dishes uses bacon, caramelized onions and hot peppers — three things that go much better on a burger. Try the recipe here.
    Dishin and Dishes
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