5 treats at stake in a vanilla shortage

Poor vanilla crops in Mexico and India --two of the world's major producers --have led to a global shortage of the pod-like staple. Here's a look at some of the vanilla-flavored favorites you may see getting too rich for your wallet this spring. 

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    Ice Cream Clean out the freezer.  It's time to stock pile everyone's favorite summer treat.  The price for a helping of vanilla-based ice cream could go up by 10 percent in the next few months, according to the Telegraph.
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    Beer Over the past few years, beer-makers like Colorado's Breckenridge Brewery have started adding pure vanilla to their drafts. Home brewers too have started adding a touch to their creations.  The cost of the velvety brew could creep up leaving you with a serious high-cost hangover. 
    Breckenridge Brewery
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    Cupcakes Every baker knows that good vanilla can make or break a recipe.  Many cupcakes, like this one from famed baker Billy Reece of Billy's Bakery in New York City, call for a double dose of pure vanilla extract, one in the cake one and in the frosting. It could be double or nothing this spring.
    Billy's Bakery
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    Kahlúa Vanilla bean is one of the main ingredients in this Mexican coffee-flavored liqueur. It's hard to imagine the world of cocktails without Kahlúa, a Black Russian becomes just a Russian and a Mudslide becomes just a Slide.
    KAHLÚA Liqueur
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    Coffee While the "vanilla bean" in vanilla bean flavored coffee doesn't always mean the coffee was roasted with natural vanilla, many blends like Starbucks Vanilla are flavored with pure vanilla extract.
    Starbucks Corporation
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