5 Saucy Labor Day BBQ Recipes That Are Worth Staining Your Shirt For

If you're gonna stain your favorite shirt with a big glob of BBQ sauce, it better be really good BBQ sauce from an equally good piece of meat. Too often, we find ourselves covered in bad BBQ sauces that dripped from mediocre pieces of chicken or pork, and it really burns our buns. Worse still, our clothes remain stained with those inferior sauces for years after we've eaten, and each stain serves as a painful reminder of the dry meats and flavorless sauces we ate against our better judgement. READ: 6 Burger Sauces to Slather All Over Your Toasty, Delicious Buns On the other hand, the following five recipes are all extremely stain-worthy. In fact, we'd be proud to smear our shirts with any of these saucy meats, and isn't that what good BBQ is all about? Keep reading for a look at our favorite messy recipes, then fire up the grill and try some for yourself. And don't even think about using napkins!

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    Self Proclaimed Foodie
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    Grilled Baby Back Ribs With Root Beer BBQ Sauce Jessica from How Sweet It Is says she never "wanted to do a faceplant into a pile of meat" until she took these baby back ribs off the grill for the first time. Check out the recipe here, along with the the secret to her shirt-staining root beer BBQ sauce.
    How Sweet It Is
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    Chipotle Barbecue Lamb Kabobs What fun is a barbeque without something saucy on a stick? None! That's why Carla from Chocolate Moosey likes to serve up juicy lamb kabobs, complete with smoky, spicy BBQ sauce that'll stain your fingernails a delicious shade of red. Get the recipe here.
    Chocolate Moosey
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    Judy Joo's Korean-Style BBQ Chicken "My mom’s BBQ chicken is the stuff of legend," says cookbook author and TV chef Judy Joo. But you know what's equally legendary? The chicken's accompanying sauces, which include a tangy doenjang (soybean paste) dipping sauce and a sweet and salty soy-based glaze, which no mere laundry detergent will be able to wash from your pants. Click here to try the recipe.
    Jean Cazals
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    Apple Cider Barbecue Pulled Pork Krissy, the Self Proclaimed Foodie, has a pulled pork recipe that's pretty great all by itself, but it's even better with her homemade Carolina mustard BBQ sauce. Together, they make for a sandwich you won't soon forget, partially because you'll have mustard on your face and hands long after you're finished eating. You can find the recipe here.
    Self Proclaimed Foodie
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    Sweet and Spicy Grilled Chicken Wings No food is quite as crowd-pleasing as a plate of hot chicken wings, and no sauce is quite as sticky and stainy as a honey, balsamic and chili reduction. Ergo, it was only natural that Amy of She Wears Many Hats would combine the two into one delicious, mouthwatering BBQ dish. Click here for the recipe.
    She Wears Many Hats
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