10 One-Pot Dishes to Try for Dinner (That Make Cleanup a Breeze)

Making (and savoring) one of the tastiest dinners ever by simply throwing all of your ingredients into one pot? It’s possible. READ: Emeril Shares the Recipe for His Favorite One-Pot Meal Sure, this concept involves images of a sad, soggy dish, but rest assured, you can whip up a wonderfully scrumptious meal in minutes by simply adding your ingredients in a single pot and letting magic happen on its own. Whether you’re a cooking novice or the official family chef, it’s nearly impossible to mess up a one-pot recipe. And really, how amazing would it be to create a feast without a mountain of dishes taunting you afterwards? For some super simple and delicious ideas, try one of these 10 tempting one-pot recipes pronto:

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    Clockwise from top left: Yellow Brick Road, Foodie Crush, No. 2 Pencil
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    One Pot Wonder Chicken Enchilada Bowls

    One massive Mexican-inspired dinner in a single pot? Coming right up. Amanda of The Wholesome Dish presents this mouthwatering meal loaded with ingredients like juicy chicken breast, rice, black beans and sour cream — just to name a few. Her recipe for these chicken enchilada bowls is a perfect idea for any last-minute dinner, and it's always worth coming home to.
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    One-Pot Stovetop Lasagna

    Who says preparing the perfect cheesy, saucy, and meaty lasagna requires hours of hard work? We'd rather use the extra time to eat it! If you feel the same way, consider whipping up this ah-mazing one-pot stovetop lasagna by Kristin of Yellow Bliss Road. Not only is it super simple to make, but all the ingredients are pretty easy to come by. More importantly, there's will be plenty for you to share (or devour later, alone).
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    One-Pot Creamy Chicken Pasta

    Rich, oh-so-decadent, and downright delish — it’s no wonder we’re swooning over Ashley’s one-pot creamy chicken pasta from Spoonful of Flavor. Filled with fresh veggies, fettuccine pasta and a luscious sauce, this is the perfect plate to cozy up with on a chilly night — or any evening, for that matter.
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    One-Pot Sausage and Shrimp with Rice

    Melissa from No. 2 Pencil sure knows how to win our stomachs over with her recipe for this one-pot delight. Picture juicy shrimp and succulent sausage perfectly combined with fluffy rice, but with a sudden kick of cayenne pepper to heat things up — not that we're complaining!
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    New Orleans Style Barbecue Shrimp

    Can’t get enough shrimp? Neither can we. Another tantalizing recipe to consider is this New Orleans-style barbecued shrimp by Nicole of Wonky Wonderful. Calling it her “absolute favorite dish,” this seafood entrée has all the makings of a tantalizing dinner: sizzling Cajun spices, succulent shrimp and lots of butter.
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    Tabasco Braised Chicken with Chickpeas and Kale

    When Heidi of Foodie Crush needs a quick and easy weeknight dinner, she simply relies on comforting Tabasco-braised chicken with chickpeas and kale. A filling dish highlighting plenty of fresh spices, Heidi's recipe calls for chicken thighs, a generous addition of hot sauce, tomatoes, and yes, kale for crunch. (Let's all thank Heidi for making us crave dinner by noon.)
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    One-Pan Crispy Chicken Legs & Brussels Sprouts

    This one-pot recipe doesn’t technically call for a pot, but it's as easy as throwing your neccessary ingredients into a one pan, and results in an equally drool-worthy meal. Gina of So … Let’s Hang Out has taken brussels sprouts — or those scary mini cabbages from your childhood — and somehow transformed them into mouthwatering morsels. Best of all? They pair perfectly with crispy, succulent chicken legs topped with a whisper of cheese. READ: 9 Brussels Sprouts Recipes to Make Anyone a Believer
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    Honey Chili Beer Chicken

    What makes chicken thighs taste even better? Some smooth ale and red chili sauce, of course. Jackie, also known as The Beeroness, is a pro at adding beer to nearly any recipe, and this one is no exception. However, the secret behind this tantalizing meal is perhaps the cast iron skillet prepare her signature honey chili beer chicken. Either way, if this dish doesn't warm you up on a chilly night, we don’t know what will.
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    One-Pan Chicken Burrito Bowls

    Need some meaty, hefty burritos in your life? You’re in luck, because Melissa from No. 2 Pencil is back with heart-skipping chicken burrito bowls. They're bursting with boneless chicken breast chunks, Mexican rice, juicy tomatoes, and black beans. There's no need to get any pesky tortillas involved, either — and frankly, this burrito is so good, you won’t even miss 'em.
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    Simple One-Pot Pasta

    Make dinner in minutes with a delightful, dangerously simple entrée known as one-pot creamy pasta from Emma of A Beautiful Mess. This blogger and recipe developer incorporates a generous serving of pasta, fragrant basil and crumbled feta cheese, making her meal practically fool-proof, and always a great choice whenever your “What should I make for dinner?” woes pop up.
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