10 most delicious food trucks in America

The food truck revolution has hit the U.S. in full force, as mobile restaurants across the nation dish out eats that are both high-class fare and down-home delicious. Here is the Smithsonian's list of the best food trucks in America.  

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    Sugar Philly Philadelphia Sugar Philly stands out in the nation's pack of dessert trucks for its gourmet treats—in particular, this mouthwatering meringue.
    Sugar Philly
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    Kogi Los Angeles Kogi has been around since 2008 when Roy Choi, a classically trained chef who once worked at the Beverly Hilton in Los Angeles, decided to take his expertise in Korean-Mexican fusion food to the streets. This image shows Choi's special galbi, kimchi tomato melt on sourdough ($7).
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    Lardo Portland, Oregon Lardo’s owner and chef Rick Gencarelli got the culinary inspiration for his mobile food shack from his favorite, lard-soaked, cut of meat “fatback,” which refers to the meat cut from a pig’s back. Gencarelli uses "fatback" generously—especially, when preparing these hand-cut French fries.
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    Where Ya At Matt Seattle Chef proprietor Matt Lewis is bringing his native New Orleans Creole food to Seattle. His truck serves po’ boys, muffuletta, jambalaya, gumbo and other classic Louisiana delicacies like these beignets ($4 for three). 
    Where Ya At Matt
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    Coreanos Austin, Texas This truck is true to its name. Coreanos translates to “Koreans” in Spanish and the roadside cuisine is the perfect cross between Korean barbeque and traditional Mexican grub. Think marinated meat tacos with pico de gallo, kimchi, cilantro and a sesame oil. 
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    Komodo Los Angeles Chef Erwin Tjahyadi is the mastermind behind Komodo. The two-truck brigade makes stops in Santa Monica, L.A.’s Echo Park and at the UCLA campus. The trucks offer tacos and burritos with an Indonesian flavor, a tribute to Tjahyadi’s heritage.
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    Hapa SF San Francisco Chef William Pilz showcases modern, refined versions of classic Filipino dishes from his pop-up restaurant/truck in San Francisco.
    Hapa SF
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    Schnitzel & Things New York City As of last summer, there were an estimated 40 to 50 gourmet food trucks in New York City, although one of many, Schnitzel & Things stands out among the rest. Here is an image of their famous Cod Schnitzel ($8.50 for sandwich or $9.95 for platter).
    Schnitzel & Things
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    DessertTruck New York City Former pastry chef at Le Cirque, Jerome Chang, was an early pioneer in New York’s food truck scene, launching DessertTruck in 2007. Here is an image of their satisfying chocolate mousse ($6.25). 
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    Comida Boulder, Colorado It's bright. It's pink and it's the best Mexican street food north of the Mexican border. Although the truck is flashy, the food itself is tastefully gimmick-free. Owner Rayme Rossello focuses on authenticity of every ingredient, resulting in delicious tacos, gorditas, tostadas and quesadillas cooked from scratch with the freshest local ingredients. Buen provecho. 
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