Would sex symbols of yore be hot today?

Frank Sinatra. Bo Derek. Mick Jagger. Would they be considered hot if they became famous today?

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    Fonzie: No Aaaaeeeyyy! Henry Winkler's Arthur Fonzarelli was a smooth operator on '70s sitcom "Happy Days," but we don't think his greaser act would get him as far with the ladies of today. Sorry, Fonz. (Miller-Milkis Productions)
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    Goldie Hawn: Yes In the debate of whether or not Goldie Hawn's girlish good looks would resonate with fans today, we present one piece of evidence: Kate Hudson. Case closed. (PEA)
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    Elvis Presley: Yes Swoon! There's no denying this "Hunk of Burning Love" would still be a king among men if in his prime today.  (AP)  
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    Farrah Fawcett: Yes Hairstyles come and go, but Farrah's beauty and ability to rock a swimsuit are timeless. (AP)
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    Frank Sinatra: No Yes, his voice and charm go unrivaled, but Ol' Blue Eyes is sort of, well, goofy looking by modern standards. As Frankie himself would say, "That's life." (Reuters)
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    Jane Fonda: No Model, actress, fitness buff: Jane had all the makings of a knockout in her day, but we think she might be a little too severe looking compared to modern-day starlets. (Warner Home Video Inc.)
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    Marlon Brando: Yes Marlon Brando had the type of good looks and talent that make you want to sit through a poor quality black and white movie, even in the days of HDTVs. So, yes. Definitely yes. (AP)
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    Twiggy: No The British model might have been named "The Face of 1966," but she's not the face of 2013.  (AP)
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    John Stamos: Yes Have mercy! Uncle Jesse, pictured here with the "Full House" cast, melts women of all ages with his smoldering eyes and sexy smile. (AP)
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    Lynda Carter: Yes Because once you're Wonder Woman, there's no going back. (ABC)
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    Magnum, P.I.: No From the mustache right down to the Hawaiian shirts, Tom Selleck's '80s character, Thomas Magnum, is more likely to remind today's youth of their embarrassing dads than a sex symbol. (CBS)  
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    Cindy Crawford: Yes Cindy became a star after winning a "Look of the Year" contest in 1982, but she would give modern day models a run for their money if entering the same competition right now. (AP)
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    Mick Jagger: No Yeah, he's an iconic rock star and yeah, he's got moves we're still coveting today. But Mick, pictured far left with the rest of the Rolling Stones, gives us no satisfaction in the looks department. (AP)
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    Suzanne Somers: Yes From her golden locks to her womanly curves and scene-stealing smile, Suzanne is a bombshell, whatever the decade. (Warner Bros.)
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    The Beatles: No There may have been a time when these four Brits could put "Ed Sullivan Show" viewers in hysterics, but in today's harsh world, love isn't all you need to be a sex symbol. If The Beatles were a boy band now, they'd be told to hit the gym and ditch those hairstyles. (AP)
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    Bo Derek: Yes There's no expiration date for the sex appeal of anyone who can make cornrows look this good. (AP)
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    James Dean: Yes To this day, some part of every T-shirt and leather jacket wearing, GQ reading man thinks (or at least hopes) he resembles James Dean.  (AP)
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    Sofia Loren: Yes Olive skin, light eyes and a perfect figure make Sofia a woman even today's most beautiful actresses envy. (Universal Pictures)
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    David Bowie: No David may be a pop music legend, but he has one of those faces that leave younger generations in disbelief that anyone ever described him as a sex symbol. That hair, those pants... just, no. (AP)
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    Marilyn Monroe: Yes Marilyn's dress size has been hotly debated, but her sex appeal is never questioned. This iconic beauty, or, perhaps THE iconic beauty, would surely be turning heads today. (AP)
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    Rod Stewart: No "Forever Young" or not, wearing what looks like roadkill on your head is just not hot in 2013. (Mercury Records)
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    Loni Anderson: Yes Loni worked hard to move above her sex symbol image, starting her own production company and taking on a range of roles. A bombshell with brains? That's a true modern day hottie in the making. (Neufeld-Keating Productions)
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    Ralph Macchio: No Boyishly handsome Ralph broke hearts in the '80s, but these days, teenage girls are harder to impress. When the Karate Kid gains some muscle and turns into a werewolf, we'll talk. (AP)
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    John Travolta: Yes John was handsome enough to turn sweet little Olivia Newton-John bad, and that's enough for us, all these decades later. (AP)
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    David Cassidy: No The oldest Partridge brother, front left, sure was dreamy in the '70s, but today we'd just call him a geek. (Screen Gems Television)
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    Donny Osmond These famous siblings, pictured here with their mother, may be talented, but Donny's cheesy, too sweet persona wouldn't score him many dates.  (AP)  
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    Freddie Mercury: No The "Queen" singer had some serious vocals, but that greasy mustache and tank top combo he was so fond of? Ew. (AP)  
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    Ricky Nelson: No The "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" actor and musician looks impressively well-groomed, but women don't want a sex symbol who takes longer to get ready in the morning than they do. (Rick Nelson Records)
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    Don Johnson: Yes His "Miami Vice" wardrobe should be locked away forever, but any man who can make us swoon while wearing that many pastel colors is a keeper. (USA)
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    Davy Jones: No Sorry, Davy. The days of women daydreaming about you are long, long gone.  (AP)
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