Who's Hotter? Olivia Wilde vs. Megan Fox


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    Olivia Wilde vs. Megan Fox

    We got a sneak peek this week at the October GQ featuring the lovely and talented "House" star Olivia Wilde.  When we saw the cover it reminded of us something... Megan Fox's GQ cover from last year. Which got us thinking that Olivia Wilde seems to be reading the "Megan Fox Guide to Getting Rich and Famous," namely, pose for insanely hot photos in men's magazines, give sexy interviews, start hitting the red carpet events, and watch your star rise and rise. We put together a photo essay to test our theory - see if you agree. CLICK HERE FOR OUR FOXNEWS.COM MEGAN FOX PHOTO GALLERY. CLICK HERE FOR OUR FOXNEWS.COM OLIVIA WILDE PHOTO GALLERY. (PHOTO COMPOSITE: Terry Jacobsen GQ Cover/Peggy Sirota GQ Cover)
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    Olivia Wilde on the GQ Cover

    Olivia Wilde posed in a string bikini for the October 2009 issue of GQ, telling the magazine "The only role I really don't understand is this recent sort of 'sexiest-vixen' thing. It doesn't feel like me, doesn't feel natural.'" She said it with a straight face, too. FEATURE: Read the full Olivia Wilde interview at GQ.com  VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes at Olivia's GQ photo shoot  PHOTO: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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    Megan Fox on GQ Cover

    Megan Fox posed in a string bikini for GQ exactly one year before Olivia Wilde did for their October 2008 issue. In it she recounted the story of living with a female stripper with whom she was in love as a teen-ager. VIDEO: Check out behind-the-scenes action at Fox's GQ cover shoot. PHOTO: Terry Richardson for GQ.
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    Olivia Wilde in Her Swimsuit

    Olivia Wilde was not shy in her GQ cover shoot, posing in this teeny weeny bikini, a bodystocking, and in nothing at all. More from GQ.com. FEATURE: Read the full Olivia Wilde interview at GQ.com  VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes at Olivia's GQ photo shoot  PHOTO: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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    Megan Fox in Her Swimsuit

    Similarly, Megan Fox has made it a habit of posing in at least one piece of swimwear in most of her cover shoots, like this one for the June issue of Elle magazine, in which "Transformers" star said the latest crop of male model-type actors don't do it for her in the least. PHOTO: Elle Magazine
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    Olivia Wilde on the Maxim Cover

    Before gracing the GQ cover, Wilde had been named Maxim's hottest woman of 2009. Click for more Olivia Wilde pics at Maxim.com. PHOTO: Amanda de Cadanet for Maxim  
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    Megan Fox on Maxim Cover

    Megan Fox came in second to Olivia Wilde on 2009's Maxim Hot 100 List, but we don't think she really cared. She was already on the cover last year. VIDEO: Megan Fox spills on her Transformer's role to Maxim. PHOTO: Maxim.
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    Olivia Wilde on Red Carpet

    Olivia Wilde has been hitting a lot more red carpets since she landed a regular TV gig on "House." Being photographed and doing red carpet interviews is the fastest way to up your Q-rating with the American public.  PHOTO: AP
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    Megan Fox on Red Carpet

    Megan Fox's red carpet interviews have become the stuff of legend. Here, she told reporters she felt like a transvestite trapped in a woman's body.  PHOTO: AP
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    Olivia Wilde in Her Birthday Suit

    And last but by no means least, pose for a nude photograph with limbs or household objects strategically placed, as she did here for GQ's October issue.  It's always an attention-grabber. More from GQ.com. FEATURE: Read the full Olivia Wilde interview at GQ.com  VIDEO: Behind-the-scenes at Olivia's GQ photo shoot  PHOTO: Peggy Sirota/GQ
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    Megan Fox in Her Birthday Suit

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