Who knew? Movies' first titles

Would 'Pretty Woman' have been as popular if it was called...

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    Working Titles Can you picture any of these classics having a different name?  Click through to find out what their original titles were.  (Paramount Pictures/Warner Bros./Buena Vista)  
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    'Almost Famous' The pressure was on for filmmaker Cameron Crowe to name his now-classic 2000's "Almost Famous." After DreamWorks vetoed his choice, "Untitled," Crowe suggested several names including "Tangerine," "Rewind to the End," and "Original Cover." After reading his long list of suggestions, we're glad he eventually went with "Almost Famous." (DreamWorks Pictures)
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    'Field of Dreams' (1989) The classic baseball drama was originally called "Shoeless Joe" but luckily test audiences didn't like the name and the studio changed the name to "Field of Dreams." (Universal Pictures)
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    'American Pie' (1999) The coming of age comedy was born with a great script but a working title. Adam Herz submitted the script with the title: "Untitled Teenage Sex Comedy That Can Be Made For Under $10 Million That Most Readers Will Probably Hate But I Think You Will Love."  Apparently that was too long, so it was first changed to "East Great Falls High," then "Great Falls," before finally, "American Pie." (Universal Pictures)
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    'Pretty Woman' (1990) The movie was originally titled "3000," which represented the amount of money Vivian (Julia Roberts) agreed to stay the week for. But after Roy Orbison's catchy song by the name of "Pretty Woman" made the soundtrack, everyone was singing a different tune.  (Buena Vista Pictures)
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    'Saturday Night Fever' (1977) The iconic film was originally named after the New York Magazine article that inspired it: "Tribal Rites of the New Saturday Night." Then it was shortened to "Saturday Night," and changed again once The Bee Gees submitted "Night Fever" to the soundtrack and the movie became "Saturday Night Fever." (Paramount Pictures)
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    'Jeepers Creepers' (2001) The horror flick was originally aptly titled: "Here Comes the Boogeyman" but changed to incorporate the 1938 song "Jeepers Creepers" instead. (MGM)
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    'Hancock' (2008) The original title of the Will Smith super hero flick was "Tonight, He Comes" then it became  "John Hancock," before ultimately getting shortened to just "Hancock." (Columbia Pictures)
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    'Good Fellas' (1990) The classic crime drama was based on the book "Wiseguy" by Nicholas Pileggi but the movie was renamed to avoid confusion with the TV series by the same name. (Warner Bros.)
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    'Dirty Harry' (1971) When you think of it's star, Clint Eastwood, the original title "Dead Right" truly resonates. (Warner Bros.)
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    'Garden State' (2004) Zach Braff, who starred in and wrote the majority of the script, originally called the drama "Large's Ark" but nobody seemed to like the title.  (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
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    'Alien' (1979) The working title of the Ridley Scott horror flick was "Star Beast." (20th Century Fox)
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    'Easy Rider' (1969) The original title of the drama was "The Loners." (Columbia Pictures)
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