Where the Stars Are From: Texas

We're hitting all 50 plus the DC. Today its Texas, synonymous with great barbecue, President George W. Bush and ... hot Hollywood stars?

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    Hilary and Haylie Duff TX

    Hilary and Haylie Duff You may think you know everything there is to know about your favorite stars, but betcha don't know where they were born. Do you know which other famous sisters - besides Jessica and Ashlee Simpson - were born in the Lone Star State? Hilary (right) and Haylie Duff (left)! The singing and acting sisters were born in Houston, TX where they were encouraged by their mom to take acting classes.  Texas is the native home to lots of famous faces including Oscar winners, one-hit wonders and singing sensations. Let's see who else left the Lone Star for Hollywood. (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Forest Whit TX

    Forest Whitaker "The Last King of Scotland" star was born in Longview, TX and then moved to South Central Los Angeles as a kid.  (AP) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Jen Garner TX

    Jennifer Garner She may be seen rooting for the Boston Red Sox these days since it's her hubby, Ben Affleck's home team, but Jen Garner should be rooting for the Texas Rangers since she was born in Houston.  (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Steev Martin TX

    Steve Martin  The comedic actor was born in Waco, Texas but ultimately grew up in Southern California. (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Renee Zellweger Before she started acting like a British lonely soul in "Bridget Jones's Diary," Renee had more of a twang from growing up in a suburb of Houston.  She even started her acting career there doing local commercials before ultimately winding up in LA. (AP) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Vanilla Ice TX

    Vanilla Ice The "Ice Ice Baby" singer, whose original name is Robert Matthew Van Winkle, started his career break-dancing as a teen in Dallas, TX.  (AP) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.  
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    Jamie Foxx TX

    Jamie Foxx The Oscar winner was born in Terrell, TX where he was known for his good grades and athletic abilities. He played both basketball and football as a teen and reportedly had hopes of being a Dallas Cowaboy one day.  (AP) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Shannon Eliz TX

    Shannon Elizabeth The "American Pie" alum isn't exactly a foreign import like the character she played in the teen comedy.  Although she's of Syrian descent, she was born in Houston and raised in Waco, TX.  (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Luke and Owen TX

    Luke and Owen Wilson Luke (left) and Owen (right) hale from Dallas, TX. Together with their older brother Andrew, the Wilson brothers moved to Hollywood together to pursue their dreams. (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    J Love Hew TX

    Jennifer Love Hewitt The "Ghost Whisperer" star was born in Waco and raised in Nolanville, TX. At the age of ten she won the title of "Texas Our Little Miss Talent Winner." Shortly thereafter, her family moved to LA to help their little star pursue an acting career. (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Dan Rather TX

    Dan Rather The 79-year-old former "CBS Evening News" anchor was born in Wharton County, TX and his childhood home has since been restored at the Wharton County Museum.  (Reuters) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Kelly TX

    Kelly Clarkson The Lone Star State likely had a lot of fans calling in to "American Idol" to help Kelly Clarkson win the competition in 2002.  She was born in Fort Worth, TX and auditioned for the show in Dallas. (AP) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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