Want to Impress Prince George and Princess Charlotte? Gather Plenty of Bubbles and Balloons

Sorry Justin Trudeau, but when it comes to Britain's royal family, your high-fives are no match for bubbles and balloons. PIS: Royal Family Arrives in Canada, Prince George Isn't Impressed The Huffington Post is reporting that the Cambridge children attended a party for military families with father Prince William and mother Duchess Kate Middleton on Thursday during their royal tour of Canada. And while the celebration featured a petting zoo, puppets, and plenty of other kids to interaction with, 3-year-old Prince George and 1-year-old Princess Charlotte were only interested in two very important things: bubbles and balloons. And naturally, all the adorableness was captured on the Royal Family's video channel: No wonder Middleton’s famous mane always looks so perfect — the kids manage to entertain themselves! PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Debuts Shapely Arms in Royal Red Gown Perhaps Prince George and Princess Charlotte should set up a meeting with former U.S. President Bill Clinton? We hear he has a thing for balloons as well: See more of the cuteness you missed in Canada below:

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    Princess Charlotte finds the balloons at a children's party for Military families during her family's tour of Canada on September 29, 2016, in Victoria.
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    Princess Charlotte discovers even more balloons.

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    She soon sees bubbles.

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    But goes back to balloons.

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    And she's super thrilled about that.

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    Meanwhile, big brother Prince George can't contain his excitement for bubbles.

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    And tries to make his own.

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    Those weren't large enough, so he tries THIS instead.

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    He tries to impress his little sister with some bubbles.

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    However, one can't really say no to balloons.

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