Then/Now: Our favorite 'Boy Meets World' stars

A favorite of ABC's TGIF lineup, the "Boy Meets World" stars have left Mr. Feeny's classroom and are off on their own. So what are Corey, Shawn, and Topanga up to now?



    Boy Meets World The main cast featured: neurotic but idealistic Corey Matthews (Ben Savage), his rough-around-the-edges best friend Shawn Hunter (Rider Strong), his strange older brother Eric (Will Friedle), lifelong love Topanga Lawrence (Danielle Fishel), and of course the inspirational Mr. Feeny (William Daniels), everyone's favorite English teacher. (Lionsgate)


    Then: Ben Savage Ben Savage, younger brother of another famous child star, Fred Savage of "The Wonder Years," played a character not too different from his brother's iconic role. Throughout the "Boy Meets World" run, Corey Matthews told life from his perspective, offering humorous anecdotes on junior, high school, and college life. (AP)


    Now: Ben Savage Graduating in 2004 with a political science degree from Stanford University, Ben, 28, interned with Senator Arlen Specter during his college years. Since his smart-alecky days as Cory Matthews, Ben has appeared in several TV movies and TV shows, such as "Chuck" and "Without a Trace." He's still friends with his "Boy Meets World" buddies. Catch him in the upcoming "Girl Meets World" where he and Topanga reunite on the "Boy Meets World" spin-off. See what else Ben has been up to at (X17Online)

    Then: William Daniels

    Then: William Daniels William Daniels had a film and television career long before "Boy Meets World," with success in "The Graduate," "1776" (as John Adams), and TV show "St. Elsewhere" for which he won 2 Emmys. In "Boy Meets World," he played beloved English teacher, Mr. Feeny, who provided words of wisdom to Corey and Shawn as teacher and neighbor throughout the years. (AP)


    Now: William Daniels Daniels has been married to Bonnie Barlett (his wife on "Boy Meets World") for over 60 years! Back in 1986, they became the second couple to win an Emmy Award in the same night. He has appeared in minor TV and movie roles since his famous TGIF role. His alma mater Northwestern University still honors him today with the annual "Willie" Awards for top theatre students. Click here to see what happened when Mr. Feeny visited the set of "Girl Meets World." (Instagram/Twitter)


    Then: Rider Strong Bad boy Shawn Hunter, played by Rider Strong (R), was Corey's best friend. Shawn lived in a trailer park, and dealt with many heavy issues such as his mother and father abandoning him, and bouts with alcoholism and depression. However, he provided a lot of comic relief in the show for always getting in trouble. (Reuters)


    Now: Rider Strong Strong, pictured here (R) with "Boy Meets World" brother Will Friedle, graduated magna cum laude with an English degree from Columbia University in 2004. The actor hasn't let his creative juices let up since "Boy Meets World" ended. In 2002, he starred in indie horror film, "Cabin Fever." He also delved into directing, with a short film "Irish Twins" which premiered at Tribeca and won several film festival awards. He also co-created a popular TV ad to support Barack Obama, selected as funniest ad by In 2013, Strong married fellow actor Alexandrea Barreto after meeting on the set of the 2006 series "Pepper Dennis." See what Strong and his "Boy Meets World" costars were up to when they reunited on the set of the series' spin-off here. (Instagram/Twitter)


    Then: Danielle Fishel No one could forget a girl with a name like that. Topanga Lawrence (portrayed by Danielle Fishel) was Corey's beautiful girlfriend throughout the series. As the overachiever she was accepted into Yale but she decided to attend a local college with Corey. She eventually proposed to him in high school, and they were married in college. (Lionsgate)


    Now: Danielle Fishel Frequently listed in the 1990s as one of the hottest stars, Danielle, 28, is now the host of the Style Network's "The Dish," a celebrity gossip show. She's had limited movie success, starring in straight-to-DVD "National Lampoon's Dorm Daze." She appeared frequently as a guest on "The Tyra Banks Show" as a spokeswoman for NutriSystem. Danielle is also known for once dating now openly gay Lance Bass but has since found true love in husband Tim Belusko whom she met while attending California State University. Fishel will reprise her role of Topanga on the upcoming "Boy Meets World" spin off alongside TV love Ben Savage. (Disney/Eric McCandless)
    Disney/ Eric McCandless


    Then: Will Friedle Will Friedle portrayed "Boy Meets World"'s Eric, the slightly odd but still bright older brother of Corey. He shared a close relationship with Mr. Feeny, and later moved to New York with Shawn, Corey, and Topanga. (Lionsgate)


    Now: Will Friedle Friedle (L) has only appeared in minor television and movie roles since "Boy Meets World." He is probably best remembered for dating Jennifer Love Hewitt in 1997, and also for being the best friend of actor Jason Marsden. See what else Friedle has been up to here. (Instagram/Twitter)
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