The Richest Men in TV

Which prime-time guys are getting the big bucks?


    Simon Cowell

    1. 'Forbes' magazine has revealed the top ten richest men in prime-time, and it's no surprise that 'American Idol' judge and creator Cowell tops the list.  The media mogul rakes in $75 million dollars a year heading up the most watched (and most profitable) show on TV. Click through to see who else made the lucky list. Some of the multimillionaires may surprise you. (AP)

    Donald Trump

    2. The Donald makes 50 million a year with 'The Apprentice.' (REUTERS)


    3. The diminutive 'American Idol' host and reality TV producer comes in third with a staggering 38 million. (AP)

    Charlie Sheen

    4. The first actor on the list, Sheen is fourth with his 'Three and a Half Men' fortune of 21 million a year. (AP)


    5. His antics on 'The Office' pay off -- Carell comes in at 20 million. (AP)


    6. Howie made a deal all right, to the tune of 15 million. The 'Deal or No Deal' host is the real winner of his game show. (AP)


    7. '24' star Kiefer comes in at 13 million. (AP)


    8. Redneck comedian Foxworthy is certainly smarter than a fifth grader. He's raking in 11 million a year. (AP)


    9. The star of 'House M.D.' brings in a healthy 10 million. (AP)


    10. (TIE) The 'CSI: Miami' actor comes in at 9 million. (AP)

    Patrick Dempsey

    10. (TIE) He's got the looks and the money. "McDreamy" makes a cool 9 mill. (AP)
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