Sexy Singles: Pop Covers

Christina Aguilera is the latest pop star to put out risque artwork for her upcoming single, 'Not Myself Tonight.'



    Christina has just revealed the artwork for the first single off her new album, "Bionic." The 29 year-old is pictured in a sultry leather bustier with drawn-on devil horns and a tail. Click through to see other sexy singles!


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    Jennifer Lopez

    J. Lo rolls around in a lace bodysuit and heels for her latest song.

    Lady Gaga

    Gaga seductively sucks her finger in the artwork for "Telephone" -- but that's tame compared to the controversial music video!


    Grrrr... scantily-clad Skakira looks like she's about to use one of those cage bars to pole dance.


    The pop star throws out intense bedroom eyes on her "Blah Blah Blah" cover.

    Robin Thicke

    Just the single's name is sexy enough, but Robin gets bonus points for all the lady hands grabbing at his shirt.


    The Barbadian beauty ditches her pants for this ultra-sexy single.
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