Seth Rogen apologizes for 'American Sniper' comments, Alec Baldwin defends 'Interview' star

Alec Baldwin came out in support of Seth Rogen after "The Interview" star came under fire for his "American Sniper" snipe.

Baldwin was referring to Dean Cain's tweet where the actor said he wanted to "kick [Seth Rogen's] ass."

Rogen responded to the criticism himself in a statement to the Associated Press Thursday, saying it wasn't his intent to offend anyone or to say anything with political implications.

He reiterated that "American Sniper" only reminded him of "Inglourious Basterds" "because they both involved plots about the most lethal of snipers."

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    He went on to explain that he would never compare the film to Nazi propaganda, and that he has nothing against Kyle or veterans in general.

    "My grandfather was a veteran," Rogen said.

    "My comment about the movie was not meant to have any political implications," he said. "Any political meaning was ascribed to my comment by news commentary."

    Rogen also apologized for any offense his tweets might have caused. The actor concluded the statement by saying he hoped that "this clears things up."

    The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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