Sacha Baron Cohen thanks Sarah Palin, Dick Cheney for 'Who Is America' Emmy nominations

Actor and noted prankster Sacha Baron Cohen took to Twitter to lambast Sarah Palin and Dick Cheney for appearing on his Emmy-nominated show “Who Is America?”

“Who Is America?” saw Baron Cohen don disguises to trick unsuspecting, prominent people into outlandish interviews that he played for comedy. The series landed three Emmy nominations for outstanding variety sketch series as well as directing and editing.

The 47-year-old star took to Twitter shortly after the nominations were announced to thank the Television Academy for the accolade.

“Thank you to the EMMYs for the nominations for Who Is America. It was a bare-bones production - I went out into the heartland of this country armed only with a camera crew, a makeup kit and my trusted pedophile detector,” he joked. “I want to thank my crack team of researchers told to uncover bigotry, racism and hate in the US. That took them about 30 seconds… they just started following the President.”

In follow up tweets, he went on to jab at the former vice president, who he famously tricked into signing a waterboard while posing as an anti-terror expert on the show.

“While I am flattered at these nods, it is a shame that my co-stars were not recognized. Particularly Dick Cheney, who I had hoped would come across on camera as someone who’d gleefully sent hundreds of thousands to their pointless death – and boy did he deliver,” he wrote. “I’ve played some lunatics in my time, but the look of vacuous evil in his eyes as he autographed a waterboard kit, would put Daniel Day Lewis to shame.”

Finally, the comedian mentioned Sarah Palin, who previously complained about being “duped” by Baron Cohen who was allegedly claiming to be a disabled U.S. Veteran.

“There’s one more person I need to thank even though she didn’t appear in the final project, Sarah Palin. Sarah, if you are out there, and you are WAY out there, please know the last time unseen footage generated as much interest, was when Donald Trump visited a Moscow hotel room,” he wrote.