Remembering 'The King': A look back at Elvis Presley's life

The man may have died, but his music remains.


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    Remembering 'The King'  On Aug. 16, 1977 the music world was shocked when the King of Rock 'n Roll died at the young age of 42.  It was a moment that brought the entertainment world to a standstill, when the actor, musician and singer died at his Graceland mansion. By then, Elvis had appeared in 33 films, won a Grammy Lifetime Achievment Award (at just 36 years old!) and had served his country in the U.S. Army. Decades after his sudden death, fans are still flocking to his Graceland mansion to remember the legendary entertainer. Take a look back at some of the King's highlights through his tragically short but eventful life.   (AP)  

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    Elvis The rocker performs on June 1, 1956. (AP)

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    Elvis Elvis performs on Aug. 1, 1956. (AP)

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    The Army As a U.S. Army private, Elvis dines in the mess hall in Fort Hood, TX in 1958. (AP)

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    Elvis Presley Elvis checks in at the West Germany Army base on Oct. 2, 1958. (AP)

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    Elvis Weds On May 1, 1967, Elvis and Priscilla Presley tie the knot in Las Vegas, NV. (AP)

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    Elvis and Priscilla The couple divorced six years later reportedly due to infidelity and Elvis' continued drug abuse. (AP)

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    The 'King' & The President Elvis shakes hands with President Richard M. Nixon on Dec. 21, 1970. (AP)

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    Elvis Presley The singer performs on June 4, 1974. (AP)

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    Commemorative Stamps His legacy still lives on today, over three decades later. There have been many commemorative stamps honoring Elvis over the years. Here is a 1992 stamp for 29-cents. (AP)
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