Oscar 2014 Style: So hot, or so not?

Not everyone gets it right when it comes to dressing up for Hollywood's biggest night of the year.

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    Oscar fashion

    While Anne Hathaway, Sandra Bullock and Kate Hudson all look flawless, the same can't be said about all the other leading ladies and gents who attended the Oscars.   
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    Chris Hemsworth: So hot

    The actor and his wife Elsa Pataky look like they could welcome their second child before the night is over. (Reuters)
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    Jennifer Garner: So not

    Not only is Jen Garner missing her best arm candy, hubby Ben Affleck, but she's also wearing an Oscar de la Renta dress that doesn't quite work for her.  (Reuters)
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    Ellen Degeneres: So hot

    Ellen gets the crowd going with a hilarious opening monologue and then keeps the laughs going all night long.  (Reuters)
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    Bill Murray: So not

    The ever-eclectic Bill Murray could have at least brushed his hear or straightened his green bow-tie before walking the carpet. But Bill does whatever Bill wants. (Reuters)
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    Ewan McGregor: So hot

    Ewan and his wife Eve Mavrakis are ready for their close-up. (Reuters)
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    Bradley Cooper: So hot

    Even with all the A-list stars in the room, Bradley and his girlfriend Suki Waterhouse can't keep their eyes off each other. Because they're so hot. (AP)
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    Sarah Paulson: So hot

    Sarah Paulson  The "American Horror Story" star looks modest but cute in Elie Saab. (AP)
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    John Stamos: So hot

    John isn't up for any awards. Is he there to deliver Greek yogurt? (Reuters)
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    Brad and Angelina: Beyond hot

    Brangelina dazzle on any and every red carpet. Period. (AP)
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    Jonah Hill: So hot

    Jonah may have missed out on an Academy Award this year (Jared Leto took the prize for best supporting actor), but he still has Leo DiCaprio as a best bud, and that make him hot by association.  (AP)
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    Jessica Biel: So not

    While her hubby Justin Timberlake always brings "Sexy Back," this time, Jessica does not. More the color than the cut. (Reuters)
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    Kevin Spacey: So hot

    The "House of Cards" star knows how to rock a tux like nobody else.  (Reuters)
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    Leonardo DiCaprio: So hot

    Whether he wins tonight or not for "Wolf of Wall Street," Leo's style is always golden. (AP)
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    Kerry Washington: So hot

    The "Scandal" star doesn't let something like pregnancy stop her from looking hot at the Oscars.  (AP)
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    Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves: So hot

    It's hard to believe that this sizzling couple has three little ones at home. Must get a lot of exercise chasing them around. (AP)
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    Kate Hudson: So hot

    Kate is wearing one of the hottest looks of the night.  (AP)
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    Sandra Bullock: So hot

    The "Gravity" star goes for a simple navy gown that fits her like a glove.  (AP)
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    Charlize Theron: So hot

    Charlize has such natural beauty that a no frills dress actually works for her.  (AP)
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    Goldie Hawn: So not

    At 68 years old, maybe Goldie should consider wearing something with sleeves?  (AP)
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    Anne Hathaway: So hot

    Anne looks like a mini disco-ball, but it kind of works.  (AP)
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    Will Smith and Jada Pinkett: So Ehh

    The usually stylish pair come up a bit short.  (AP)
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    Julia Roberts: So not

    Oh Julia, while this is slightly better than the white and black Dolce & Gabbana dress you wore to the Golden Globes, it is still ill-fitting and unflattering. You could do so much better! (AP)
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    Cate Blanchett: So hot

    The best actress nominee always seems to get it right.  (Reuters)
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    Jennifer Lawrence: So hot

    This isn't the first time the "American Hustle" star wears red on the carpet. When it works, it works, and this Dior gown certainly does. (Despite the fact that she tripped over it coming down the carpet). (AP)
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    Emma Watson: So not

    The British cutie is only 23 but dresses like she's 53.  (AP)
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    Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis: So hot

    The cute couple dote on each other as they arrive for the 86th Annual Academy Awards in Los Angeles, Calif. (Reuters)
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    Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan: So hot

    It's hard to choose which of these two look better. They are both hot! (AP)
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    Meryl Streep: So hot

    Meryl could wear just about anything and look regal. (AP)
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    Anna Kendrick: So not

    She's young, beautiful and talented. Anna should have gone with some more color for Hollywood's biggest night. She's no Angelina Jolie (left).  (AP)
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    Portia De Rossi: So hot

    Portia De Rossi, wife of Oscars host Ellen Degeneres, looks flawless in a gown by Naeem Khan. Looks like Ellen is the big winner of the night!  (Reuters)
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/Viola-Davis-AA.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    Viola Davis: So hot

    Academy Award winner Viola Davis, who will be presenting, arrives with her husband Julius Tennon. (Reuters)
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    Chiwetel Ejiofor: So hot

    The best actor nominee for his role in "12 Years a Slave" looks ready to take home some gold with his girlfriend Sari Mercer. (Reuters)
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/Amy-Adams-AP-AA.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    Amy Adams: So not

    Amy usually dresses a bit more flirty for these events. This look is a bit serious for the actress who is nominated for the fifth time.  (AP)
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/dfb55af1-Lupita.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    Lupita Nyong'o: So hot

    Lupita Nyong'o, who is nominated for her role in "12 Years a Slave" looks gorgeous in Prada.  (AP)
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/jared-leto-AP-AA.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    Jared Leto: So not

    Jared seems to have a hard time shifting his look from rocker to bona fide actor. At least go with one-color hair. (AP)
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    Naomi Watts: So hot

    Naomi looks white hot in an embroidered Calvin Klein dress.  (AP)
  • https://a57.foxnews.com/static.foxnews.com/foxnews.com/content/uploads/2018/09/918/516/Kelly-Ripa-AA.jpg?ve=1&tl=1

    Kelly Ripa: So not

    It looks like Kelly spent a bit too much time in the tanning salon before the big show.  (Reuters)
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    Glenn Close: So Hot

    Nothing pleases us more than when celebs dress their age. Glenn will be 67 in March. Bravo! (AP)
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    Calista Flockhart: So hot

    Calista Flockhart apparently got the memo that white is the color of the night.  (AP)
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