Oops! Funny movie blunders

In the biz its called "breaking continuity."

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    Movie Mistakes Ben Affleck's recent movie "Argo" is set in 1979, but his character Tony Mendez is wearing a Rolex watch that was made in 2008. "Argo" isn't the only critically acclaimed movie to have a small oversight. Click through to see which other great films missed the mark. (Warner Bros.)
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    'The Terminator' This one would be easy to miss if you weren't paying attention. In the parking lot, the police car has the motto: "to care and to protect." However, after the car crashes, the car's motto is: "Dedicated to serve." (Orion Pictures)
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    'American Pie' There was so much alcohol flowing in "American Pie" that it's hard to keep up. But Stifler's (Sean William Scott) friend's cup changed back and forth from clear to blue in this bedroom scene. (Universal Pictures)
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    'Swordfish' As Stanley drops his daughter off, the headrest on the passenger seat is down, but when the camera shows the passenger seat again, it's miraculously up. (Warner Bros.)
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    'Pretty Woman' Julia Roberts' character in "Pretty Woman" was originally munching on a croissant when she first sits down for breakfast, but the next time we see her, the croissant is actually a pancake. (Buena Vista Pictures)  
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    'Pirates of the Caribbean' It takes a huge team to put a movie like "The Pirates of the Caribbean" together so it's actually surprising that more crew members aren't spotted in scenes. (Disney)
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    'American Gangster' The gangster movie is set in the late '60s and '70s but in one scene in the background, there is a  Ford Econoline AVIS rental truck on an adjacent street. The specific model of the van didn't come out till the '90s.  Random side note: Avis Rent a Car System was founded in 1946. (Universal Pictures)  
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    'The Bourne Identity' This scene got so steamy, the director's eyes must have been foggy. When Jason Bourne (Matt Damon) begins making out with Marie (Franka Potente) his watch is on his left hand (as it is for most of the flick), but mid make-out, his watch is on his right hand. (Universal Pictures)
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    'Finding Nemo' Even animated films can have little discrepancies. In "Finding Nemo" when the dentist reaches into the tank to put Nemo in a bag, it's originally a ziplock type of bag, but once Nemo is in it it's a normal bag that gets tied shut. (Walt Disney Pictures)
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    "Forrest Gump" When Forrest (Tom Hanks) finally makes it to Jenny's (Robin Wright) house as an adult and she lets him into her apartment to meet their kid there is an iron upright on an ironing board. When the camera pans back to Jenny a few seconds later, the iron is face down.  As Forrest says, "Stupid is as stupid does." (Paramount Pictures)
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    'Shawshank Redemption' In one of the last scenes when the warden takes his life, the items on his desk shift locations. (Columbia Pictures)
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    'Silver Linings Playbook' This movie shows lots of love to the NFL team, the Philadelphia Eagles. In the award winning film, extras that are fans of the team wear jerseys for Nnamdi Asomugha and Micheal Vick who were not on the team as of 2008 when this movie was set. (The Weinstein Company)
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    'Spider Man' When Peter (Tobey Maguire) first finds out he has super powers in his bedroom, one of his webs knocks over his lamp. But when Aunt May (Rosemary Harris) comes in to check on him, his lamp is back on the table and intact. (Columbia Pictures)  
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    'The Wizard of Oz' In the 1939 classic, Dorothy's (Judy Garland) hair changes length throughout the flick. (MGM)  
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    'The Incredibles' Like most kids, even incredible ones don't necessarily love their vegetables. When Helen turns to talk to Dash, at first his broccoli is all around in steak, but then the broccoli is suddenly sitting on the piece of steak. (Walt Disney Pictures)
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