Olivia Wilde Shows Off Amazing Post-Baby Body in Cut-Out Dress

Just nearly seven months after giving birth to her first son Otis, Olivia Wilde is looking better than ever. READ: Olivia Wilde on Why Being Photographed Breast-Feeding is 'Perfect' The 30-year-old actress was in London’s Odean West End on Wednesday to promote the premiere of actor Jason Sudeikis’ latest film, “Horrible Bosses 2.” However, Wilde easily managed to steal the spotlight from the entire cast, including star Jennifer Aniston — and for good reason. Wearing a sleek Michael Kors cut-out dress, Wilde proudly showed off her svelte shape and super flat abs. Perfectly glowing, the young mother was all smiles while holding onto her fiancé, 39-year-old Sudeikis. So how did Wilde drop the baby weight so quickly? While she’s not afraid of her healthy appetite — she previously told Women’s Health Magazine that she once “ate 33 pancakes in 20 minutes” during an eating contest in Australia — Wilde is also a huge fan of fitness. According to the same publication, Wilde exercises daily and prefers spinning. PHOTOS: Olivia Wilde Debuts a Daring Look at London's 'Rush' Premiere “I make fun of it, but it’s amazing, because you have to push yourself through this resistance, which is so therapeutic,” she said. “And they say you can burn nearly 800 calories, in, like, 45 minutes if you push it to the highest level.” Women’s Health Magazine also added that Wilde “does yoga, dabbles in karate, and hikes regularly with her dogs.” It certainly helps that she's a vegan, too. “[Being vegan] is not always easy and accessible, but it’s a way of life and makes me, as a person, feel really good and physically look better,” she told Huffington Post in 2012. “My skin was better, energy was better.” READ: The Truth About Vegan Diets Clearly the new mother’s eating habits and workout routines continue to deliver long-term results. See the evidence for yourself below:

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