Octomom Shows off Her Bikini Body?

It's true. She is wearing a bikini. On a magazine, no less.

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    Octomom in Star

    Nadya Suleman has had 14 children, and now she's wearing a red bikini on a magazine cover. Octomom says she's down to 120 pounds from a high of 270.  That's a 150-pound weight loss to you and me. "My friends call me Rubber Band because I always snapped back so quickly after my other kids!" she told Star magazine. Go to Starmagazine.com for more. (Star Magazine)
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    Octomom in Star

    Suleman, 34, gave birth to eight children by Caesarian section last January.  She already had six other children. So how did she lose the weight? Diet and exercise, she said. Go to Starmagazine.com for more. (Star Magazine)
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    Octomom Gifted

    Octomom picks up some swag at a pre-Emmys gifting suite at the Palihouse hotel in L.A. on Sept 19, 2009. (X17online.com)
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    Nadya Goes to Court

    Suleman arrives at the City of Orange court house on July 27, 2009. A judge has appointed a financial guardian for the octuplets.  (AP)
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    Octomom at the Park

    Looking like a normal housewife, Nadya takes some of her kids to the park on April 1, 2009.  (X17online.com)
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    Dad on Oprah

    Suleman's father Ed Doud  tapes an episode of 'Oprah,' on Feb. 19, 2009. Harpo Productions says Doud calls his daughter and her doctor "absolutely irresponsible" and questions his daughter's "mental situation."  (AP)
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    Octomom Deals with Tantrum

    Nadya Suleman deals with one of her 12 kids' tantrum at a supermarket in La Habra, California on April 14, 2009. (X17online.com)
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    Proud Mom

    Suleman presents two of her eight babies, born in January of 2009. (AP)
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    Ann Curry

    The controversial single mom talks to NBC correspondent Ann Curry on February 6, 2009. Suleman said she had long craved a "huge family" and tried for years to get pregnant before conceiving her first child through in vitro fertilization.  (REUTERS)
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    The Octuplets

    A combination picture shows (clockwise from top L) Josiah, Makai, Jeremiah, Nariyah, Jonah, Noah, Maliyah and Isaiah - the octuplets born January 26, 2009 in Bellflower, California. Nadya Suleman said on February 9, 2009 she was counting on God to help provide for her family but acknowledged that she already was "struggling" financially to raise her first six children.  (REUTERS)
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    Octomom Ultrasound

    Nadya Suleman -- now known as "Octomom" -- looks at an ultrasound of her unborn babies at an in-vitro fertilization clinic. (AP)
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