New 'Bachelor' host announced after cancel culture swallows Chris Harrison

Harrison: 'I have no one to blame but myself for what I said and the way I spoke'

The 'Bachelor' has a new host following Chris Harrison’s departure, Emmanuel Acho announced on twitter Saturday night that he will taking over all Rose Ceremonies from now on.

"IT’S OFFICIAL: I’ve accepted the Rose & am honored to be hosting the [Bachelor] after the Final Rose this year," Acho, an former NFL linebacker turned Fox Sports analyst wrote.

"It’s been a pivotal season and this episode will be one of the most storied shows in its history. Empathy is needed and change is coming," he added. "See y’all then!"


Acho’s word nodded at the racially insensitive comments made by Harrison earlier this month.

The controversy started after 24-year old Rachael Kirkconnell, a frontrunner on this season’s The Bachelor, was condemned on social media for dressing in a Native American costume and for attending an "antebellum plantation" themed party in 2018 while in college.

Harrison addressed the topic when interviewing Rachel Lindsay, another frontrunner in the competition and the first Black lead the franchise has had.

During his interview with Lindsay, Harrison suggested people should have "a little grace, a little understanding, a little compassion" when judging Kirconnell’s 2018 decision, and questioned the "lens" of 2021 compared to 2018, reported People.

Harrison received fierce backlash, prompting him to apologize and announce that he had decided to step away from the show "for a period of time."

"I have spent the last few days listening to the pain my words have caused, and I am deeply remorseful. My ignorance did damage to my friends, colleagues and strangers alike. I have no one to blame but myself for what I said and the way I spoke," Harrison said in a statement on Instagram.

"By excusing historical racism, I defended it. I invoked the term 'woke police,' which is unacceptable. I am ashamed over how uninformed I was. I was so wrong," he continued. Adding, "To the Black community, to the BIPOC community: I am so sorry. My words were harmful. I am listening, and I truly apologize for my ignorance and any pain it caused you."  


Harrison concluded by saying he is "dedicated to getting educated on a more profound and productive level than ever before."