Movie Popes

The Pope may be most often associated with Italy, but he's no stranger to Hollywood. Here are some of the stars that have played the Pope in movies. 



    The Pope in Movies The Pope has appeared in several Hollywood hits. Let's take a look at some movies that showcased the Pope and the actors who played him.   


    Saving Grace

    Tom Conti played Pope Leo XIV in this British comedy flick. In "Saving Grace," Conti plays a youthful who learns some important lessons about society.  


    Godfather III In the third "Godfather" installment, Raf Vallone plays Cardinal Lamberto. In the film, Vallone's character is elected to be Pope John Paul I. The Pope in "Godfather III" is a voice of reason and gets wrapped up in the complicated schemes of the Michael Corleone's Mafia. 


    The Agony and the Ecstasy Veteran actor Rex Harrison portrayed Pope Julius II in this 1965 movie. In the film, the Pope and Michelangelo clash over the paintings in the Sistine Chapel. 


    Pink Panther 2 Evgeniy Lazarev played The Pope in the comedy "Pink Panther 2." In the film, the Pope's ring is stolen by a professional thief. 


    Pope Joan Based on a novel by the same name, Johanna Wokalek played Pope Joan in 2009 film. John Goodman appeared in the movie as Pope Sergius. In the movie, Joan dresses as a man and is promoted through the Vatican ranks. 


    The Shoes of the Fisherman  Two men appeared as the Pope in this 1968 flick. Anthony Quinn played Pope Kiril and John Gielgud played Pope Pius XIII. Quinn is elected as the Pope in the film. 
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