Mother's Day: Celebrity photos

Celebs post some of their favorite shots with their moms for Mother's Day.



    Malin Akerman Malin's mom Pia was a model, so it's no wonder where she got her good looks.  The funny actress is just one of many celebs taking to Facebook this weekend to honor their moms on Mother's Day.  (MALIN AKERMAN)


    Lauren Conrad Mom is Kathy Conrad The reality star shares: "Happy Mother's Day to my beautiful mother and all of the other mothers reading this! Growing up my mother was always the one capturing moments from behind the camera, so I really treasure the few photos of us together from when I was young." On her site she shares a current photo of the pair.  (LAUREN CONRAD)


    Alicia Keys Mom is Terria Joseph "There's no one in the world like her There's no one who's taught me more There's no one tougher or kinder Stronger or sweeter She's one of a kind And I'm so glad she's mine ;-) Thank u mommy! I swear! ;-) Happy mother's day to the most important creatures on earth!" (ALICIA KEYS)


    Bella Thorne Mom is Tamara Thorne "My mom and I are very close, she's my best friend. Since my dad passed, my mom has had the job of both parents and I am so grateful for her. I've learned strength and determination from her and I love her very much." (BELLA THORNE)


    Camilla Alves Mom is Fatima Alves "Working from the road! We have to set up our workshop anywhere we can! Sometimes it's in an office, and sometimes it's in a garage! ;-)" (CAMILLA ALVES)


    Molly Sims Mom is Dorothy Sims (‘Dottie’ for short) "Mother's day in my family is such a special occasion. My mom would always dress up, and my dad, every year, would give her a dozen roses. We spent the day together and we all looked forward to it.  This year will be my very first mother's day as a new mom! I've always loved this day because of my family traditions - and this year - I'll be sure to start some traditions of my own.  There is a whole new world to show Brooks and we will spend the day together exploring it.  ...aaand hopefully my husband will get me jewelry. ;)"  (MOLLY SIMS)  


    Holly Madison Daughter is Rainbow Aurora Rotella "My best Mother's Day is going to be this year's-my first one as a mom! I can't wait to go out for Mother's Day brunch with my boyfriend and daughter. I'm also planning on making plaster hand and footprints with Rainbow-I haven't done that yet!" (HOLLY MADISON)


    Bree Turner Kids are Stella and Dean "We often bring both the kids into our bed in the middle of the night when no one is sleeping well. Just the other morning, my daughter woke up and saw Dean sleeping right next to her. She sleepily squealed and put her forehead right to his. They slept like that for the next few hours. Forehead to forehead. It was the purest moment of sibling love. Justin and I simply beamed at each other and thought nothing is better than this." (BREE TURNER)
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