Miss USA Deshauna Barber Destroys the Q&A Rounds at Miss USA Pageant

We're not going to sit here and pretend like we recall every single answer from the past 50+ years of Miss USA pageants, but Deshauna Barber definitely gave a few of the best in recent memory. During Sunday night's ceremony, Barber hit all the right beats during the Q&A portions of the competition. Not only did she get to discuss her background with the United States Army (she's an officer in the Army Reserve), but she also tied her military role to her second question, which touched on the topic of beauty. READ: The Cringe-Worthy State Intros at the Miss America Pageant You can watch both answer in the following video of the broadcast — the first question starts around 1:45:50, the second around 2:01:50 — or you can read a transcript of her answers below if this (clearly) unlicensed video is soon purged from the internet. When asked about the Pentagon's decision to open combat jobs to women, and whether that has put "political correctness over our military's ability to perform at the highest level." "As a woman in the United States Army, I think it is an amazing job by our government to allow women to integrate into every branch of the military. We are just as tough as men. As a commander of my unit I am powerful, I am dedicated. And it's important to recognize that gender does not limit us in the United States Army." When asked to define "confidently beautiful": "To me, confidently beautiful means understanding that it's not always about you appearance. It's not always about who you're around, and how they feel you look, where they feel you come from, or your economic background. Serving in the military has taught be that being confidently beautiful is about being able to earn respect from people regardless of what you look like. As a woman in the military, people associate beauty with weakness and they learn very quickly that I’m extremely strong, and though I’m small, I’m powerful. Confidently beautiful is being myself and being very happy with who I’ve become." On the other hand, a few contestants didn't fare nearly as well. As FOX reports, Miss California Nadia Mejia stumbled and then shut her eyes (for a few seconds) before answering her question about the economy. In addition, Miss Hawaii Chelsea Hardin (the night's eventual runner-up) was flat-out asked who she's voting for in the upcoming election, which prompted boos from the crowd. SEE IT: Olivia Jordan's National Costume at Miss Universe Was Patriotic, Cleavagey See a few more photos of Barber below, then brush up on your Q&A skills. They'll come in handy one day.

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