Michael Tammero Hits the 'Epic' Movie Red Carpet

In this week’s edition of the In the FOXlight, Michael Tammero hit the red carpet to interview the stars of the movie 'Epic' which is in theaters May 24th. So who had an "epic" summer memory? Amanda Seyfried recounted an "epic" motor bike trip. WATCH: Michael Tammero Gets Cooking With Curtis Stone “I had a summer where I took a couple weeks on a motor bike with my ex-boyfriend…we had a tent and a little mini guitar, a backpack, some clothes.  We went from Tennessee to Montreal,” she told Tammero. And what can we expect from the film? Director Chris Wedge said the movie has a little something for everyone. Check out the video above to find out what other stars from the movie "Epic" had to say.

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    The Green Carpet

    Kevin Harrigan
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    The Cast

    Kevin Harrigan
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    Colin Farrell with Michael Tammero

    Kevin Harrigan
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    Chris O'Dowd

    Kevin Harrigan
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    Amanda Seyfried

    Kevin Harrigan
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    Aziz Ansari

    Kevin Harrigan
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    Jason Sudekis

    Kevin Harrigan
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