Kylie Jenner furious over fake Travis Scott cheating photo

A furious Kylie Jenner has hit back after a photo claiming to show her boyfriend cheating on her was discovered to be a prank.

Earlier this week a picture began circulating on social media reportedly showing Travis Scott, who is the father of Jenner’s daughter Stormi, getting close to another woman.

While the photo featured a TMZ watermark it had not been published by the gossip site, but that didn’t stop other media outlets from reporting on and republishing the image.

As the photo made the rounds online Scott repeatedly denied the man in the picture was him, and on Wednesday it emerged he had been telling the truth when YouTuber Christian Adam came forward to claim responsibility.

In the video, Adams revealed the photo had been staged to look like it was Scott, which had included copying the rapper’s distinctive hairstyle.

Adams also claimed the photo had not intended “to hurt anyone’s relationship, but to see how gullible is the internet”.

But the YouTuber’s excuse didn’t quite cut it for the Kardashians, who took to Twitter to slam the prank as “absolutely disgusting”.

Khloe’s response was understandably scathing, with the reality star finding out boyfriend Tristan Thompson had cheated on her when photos of him with multiple women surfaced earlier this year.

Before long Jenner herself responded, writing on her Instagram Story that the prank had messed with “real people, real relationships, real family”.

“I’m happy my relationship is strong because this is getting out of hand. The internet scares me sometimes for real,” she added.

The faked photo of Scott is part of a weird new trend which has seen multiple YouTubers create hoax photos in order to go viral.

In October, a viral photo that claimed to show Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways in a park was revealed to have been staged by YouTubers Yes Theory.

The group went to elaborate lengths to trick people into thinking the photo was real, with one of the YouTubers even giving interviews to journalists claiming to have taken the photo after spotting Bieber sitting alone in a West Hollywood park.

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