Katy Perry's Ruby Ring Sparks Engagement Rumors

Katy Perry briefly sparked rumors when she stepped out wearing a ruby heart-shaped ring on her engagement finger for a Valentine's Day date with beau John Mayer. READ: John Mayer's Many Ladies However, a source told People magazine that the singers, who have been dating for several months, are not engaged. Whatever the case may be, this isn't the first time the quirky pop star has had fun with her bling. READ: Tiffany's Does Not Go Lightly on Costco Diamonds Check out which diamonds and other assorted jewels are Perry’s best friends.    

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    Pre-Grammy Gala

    The singer channels classic Hollywood with sparkling pearl drop earrings to match her couture for Clive Davis' 2013 bash.
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    54th Grammy Awards

    Perry turned heads with giant diamonds at the 54th Grammy Awards.
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    Film Premiere

    For the 2012 London premiere of "Katy Perry: Part of Me," the singer jazzed up her lashes with red, white and blue crystals.
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    Something Sweet

    Perry grabbed attention on the red carpet with a sparkly cake clutch and decked-out nails.
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    52nd Grammy Awards

    For the 2010 ceremony, Perry went for a golden bindi and skull-drop earrings.
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    Spike TV Guys Choice Show

    For the television awards ceremony, Perry opted for giant golden starfish and seashell earrings.
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    MTV's TRL

    Perry greeted fans wearing a giant strawberry ring.
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    2008 Record Release Party

    To celebrate the arrival of her album, "One of the Boys," Perry brightened up her neon dress with lots of sparkle.
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