Kate Middleton Downs 120-Proof Whiskey During Royal Trip, Can Hold Her Liquor in Heels

If we had to pick any member of the royal family to have a drink (or three) with, it would be the Duchess of Cambridge. PHOTOS: Kate Middleton Shows Off Princess Charlotte in New Photos People Magazine is reporting that Kate Middleton, along with husband Prince William, were visiting Cornwall and Scilly Isles of England where they decided to take on one activity most of us do while traveling — hit the bar. The couple took a tour of Healey’s Cyder’s warehouse, which is celebrating the family firm’s 30-year anniversary, where they happily sampled the goods. However, the 34-year-old mother of two, including the future heir to the British throne, had more than just a few sips. “Kate poured a pint of Healey’s famous alcoholic Rattler cider, while admitting, ‘I’ve never mastered this!’ She then handed it to William, who took a sip and said it tasted ‘just like it does in the pub,’” says the celebrity news magazine. “The couple then worked their way through six different drinks before Kate downed a shot of 120-proof (60 percent ABV) whiskey,” People Magazine added. READ: Rye Whiskey Makes a Comeback The publication also revealed that even with William expressing concerned over rum being passed around because, according to him, “This is where the engagement really goes downhill,” his wife happily enjoyed a "good gulp" of whiskey from his glass. “Delicious!” she exclaimed. William, however, left the last pint. “I’ll fall over if I drink that!” he revealed. No word on whether Kate enjoyed the rest. Motherhood is a tough job, so the Duchess definitely deserves it. See some snaps from the royal couple’s day-drinking trip below:

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    The Duchess of Cambridge arrives for a visit to Healey's Cornish Cider Farm in Penhallow during their day-long tour of Cornwall.
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    Britain's Kate Duchess of Cambridge pours a pint of cider during her visit to Healey's Cornish Cider Farm in Penhallow southwestern England as part of her day-long tour of the county of Cornwall.
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    Probably Keeping the Glass to Herself

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    Handing Over Pint to Prince William

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    Being Extremely Giddy

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    The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge depart with Sam Healey, Operations Director, after a visit to Healey's Cornish Cider Farm in Penhallow during their day-long tour of Cornwall.
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    Still Looking Good!

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