Kara Del Toro Stuns at ‘Undrafted’ Premiere in Dangerously Low-Cut Dress

Forget the movie, let’s talk about that dress. PHOTOS: Carmen Electra Sizzles in Red-Hot Gown At the Los Angeles film premiere of "Undrafted" at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, GUESS Girl Kara Del Toro had all eyes on her in a daring lavender dress that perfectly hugged her famous figure. And let’s be real, Del Toro is likely the only reason anyone else arrived for the premiere of a football flick. Actually, make that two reasons: Del Toro and her date for the night, fellow model and bombshell Tiffany Keller. If Del Toro looks familiar to you, then chances are you’ve spotted her in a wildly popular Carl’s Jr. commercial playing bikini volleyball. We've even interviewed the sun-kissed stunner about that experience, and she wholeheartedly expressed her love for the restaurant's juicy burgers: But unlike the rest of us, she was blessed with gorgeous genes and the burger-burning metabolism that allowed her to slip into the skimpy number above. WATCH: Meet Taylor Foster, the Runway Model Who Loves to Bake See more the pics from the event below:

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    Kara Del Toro arrives at the “Undrafted” premiere at the Arclight Hollywood in Los Angeles, California.
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    With Model Tiffany Keller

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