Jim Gaffigan happy to be wife Jeannie's caretaker during brain tumor battle

Jim Gaffigan is honored to have been his wife's caretaker after she was diagnosed with a brain tumor — and said she's recovering beautifully, even if she's not back at 100 percent just yet.

"I think society tends to view things from recovering like a common cold. Like you're sick and then you're better," the comedian explained to People. "But the reality is when you deal with the removal of a brain tumor, you're sick and then there's a long road back and the possibility of not getting to 100 percent. So I would describe my wife at 80 percent. But her 80 percent is like most people’s 120 percent."

Jeannie underwent surgery to remove a six-centimeter benign brain tumor in spring 2017, after which Jim looked after her — and they maintained their sense of humor throughout the entire ordeal.

"She's doing great. It would be insensitive to say that she's back to normal," Jim, 52, explained. "She's charging back, but for anyone who's dealt with a medical emergency, there's still [the] reality that she has to deal with."

"Being a caregiver is a great honor but it's also an incredibly stressful, ongoing experience," Jim said helping Jeannie with her recovery. "It's a privilege to take care of someone, especially someone who took care of you. It was also a positive example for my children to see me in a caregiving role."