Hollywood Men Who Have Worn Shoe Lifts

Know a guy who likes having an extra spring in his step? He's in good company.  POLL: Elevator Shoes for Men: Do or Don't? Plenty of famous celebrities often add a few extra inches to their frame before hitting the red carpet, and one of the easiest ways they stand a bit taller is by wearing thicker shoes. In fact, some of Hollywood's most recognizable leading men can often be spotted in stature-strengthening footwear. Here's a few famous fellas who aren't afraid to put their best lifted foot forward. Have a look:

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    Mick Jagger

    Jagger has been known to wear shoes that add a couple inches to his height. After all, his long-term girlfriend L'Wren Scott is 6 feet 4 inches tall.
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    Simon Cowell

    Cowell's not hiding the fact that he loves his chunky heels, sporting them quite often.
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    Robert Downey Jr.

    The "Iron Man" star even wears his lifts when filming movies.
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    Nicolas Sarkozy

    The former French president has been known to rock the lifted style, appearing slightly closer in height to his wife Carla Bruni.
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    Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise is said to stand at 5'7", and yet managed to appear taller than ex-wife Katie Holmes who is 5'9".
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