Grieving father blasts rapper in court for filming daughter's overdose death: 'You didn't love her'

A Holby City star today confronted the rapper accused of his daughter's overdose death at Bestival and said: "You didn't love her — you left her to die."

Actor John Michie, 62, stared at grime artist Ceon Broughton as he recalled the night Louella Fletcher-Michie died after overdosing on party drug 2C-P.

Mr. Michie and his wife Carol left their Sunday roast to desperately dash 130 miles to the festival after hearing Louella screech down the phone like a "wild animal."

But by the time they arrived at the site in Lulworth, Dorset, Louella had died — an hour before her 25th birthday.

Mr. Michie said: "I don't know how you can say you love someone who you left to die in front of you."

He admitted that he initially defended Broughton, saying he believed him to be a good person at the time.

But he added: "What I didn't realise was how in the six hours he was with her he had not taken her to get help, and how he had seen the very, very distressed state she was in and how I believe he has even filmed her after she died.

"Clearly, I made a mistake."

Turning to stare at Broughton, Mr. Michie continued: "I think Louella loved Ceon, but I'm not sure he loved her. I don't know how you can say you love someone who you left to die in front of you.

"I was inclined to believe Ceon when I made my statement the day after. I believed him to be a good person at the time.

"If I was in Ceon's situation I would have taken another human being — let alone my girlfriend who I was supposed to love - to a medical tent to save their life.

"You would have done anything possible to save the life of another human being, being in the distressed state she was in."

He said he desperately pleaded with security staff to let him into the site to help his dying daughter and even offered them his phone which contained a pinpoint GPS location of the couple.

Louella's mum, Mrs. Fletcher, told Winchester Crown Court: "I only spoke to Ceon, Louella was like a wild animal in the background. I couldn't believe that was her and that was the last time I heard her voice."

She said Broughton told her "she will be fine, don't worry," adding: "I've never heard her before like that, I've never heard anyone before like that, that's why we got in the car and drove down — because of her voice.

"How can someone be next to her and not get help? I don't know.

"Daisy said 'tell her to be quiet she's going to blow her brains out,' I only had the ear to my phone but it was so loud.

"I could hear Louella saying 'give me my phone' and 'I don't trust you, I hate you.' She loved Ceon but in this moment, under the influence, this was what she was saying.

"I told him to get help and that's what I assumed he would do. I asked what they had taken and he said, 'We can see things other people can't see.'

"I thought he was a lot more experienced with drug taking and maybe he knows she would be OK."

Mr. Michie said: "The thing I most remember was Louella was very distressed, I could hear her in the background shouting things like 'I hate you' and 'I don't trust you' in reference to Ceon.

"We wanted him to take her to get help.

"I can't remember much from what Ceon said but I remember the tone of his voice, it was watery and distant and without energy.

"I felt that I needed to get down there and help my daughter. His voice was slow and he didn't seem to be concerned and any normal person would be.

"The phone call went on for a long time but we didn't get any information except I could hear my daughter in the background in a very distressed state.

"I resisted taking the phone and speaking to him, I didn't want him to be intimidated by speaking to the daughter's dad and him do the wrong thing.

"He was not very compos mentis at the time. I've since learned he described her as a drama queen, which is hurtful."

Mrs. Fletcher sobbed in the dock as she recalled the night her daughter died.

She said: "I'm sure there are things she didn't tell me but we had an open relationship, I told her about drugs and to be careful and if loads of people are doing it around you it does not mean it's normal and that you don't have to do it.

"She was quite cautious and measured in that way and that's what her friends have all told me.

"She did it and took things at festivals but she didn't go out every weekend doing drugs."

The court has heard Broughton gave Louella a "bumped up" dose of 2C-P and even filmed her after she died.

Prosecutor William Mousley, QC, said Louella would have had a 90 percent chance of survival if Broughton sought medical help in the six hours they spent in the woods.

Instead, Mr. Mousley QC says, Broughton, who has recorded with rap artists Skepta and Wiley, didn't because he "didn't want to be arrested" as he was serving a suspended sentence and would likely be jailed.

Yesterday, jurors were shown harrowing footage of Louella hallucinating wildly, ending with her lifeless body lying on the ground.

Mrs. Fletcher said her daughter "loved and trusted" Broughton and said he spent Christmas with them in 2016 but suddenly broke off the relationship soon after, leaving Louella "devastated."

The couple got back together just weeks before Bestival.

She said Louella had a "good sense to do the right thing" but didn't at Bestival.

Broughton, of Enfield, North London, denies manslaughter and supplying a Class A drug.

The trial continues.

This story originally appeared on The Sun.