Dina and Ali Lohan can't get a table at Hamptons hot spot

Dina Lohan and daughter Ali were spotted at the East Hampton’s Philippe restaurant over Memorial Day weekend — where they were kept waiting an hour for a table and left.

The two, without Lindsay, who has been been busy with her community service in Brooklyn, were among many who were turned away at the packed eatery. “I guess it would have helped if they were with Lindsay,” sniffed a spy.

But witnesses saw George Soros’ son Alexander hosting a dinner for 21 guests. Sources said the Soros scion had a reservation for his group at 9:30 p.m. but he showed up an hour early to stake his claim to a table. Soros’ group then stayed at Philippe’s nightclub.

Also spotted were restaurateur Jeffrey Chodorow and Uber founder Garrett Camp. We hear the hot spot sold out of Jeroboams of Champagne at $5,000 a pop. More than two dozen were sold.

This story first appeared in the NY Post.

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