David Beckham's Hair Evolution

David Beckham might not have made Great Britain’s 2012 Olympic soccer squad, but the L.A. Galaxy star is said to be “honored” to be taking part in the Games’ Opening Ceremony in London. It has not been divulged what his role will be, but rumors that Beckham may carry the Olympic torch were promptly refuted by the fomer England captain. “I've always said, lighting the torch in the stadium is something that should be done by an Olympian." Fortunately, Beckham doesn’t need an Olympic flame to light a fire in our hearts. Ever since he emerged in the '90s as the spiky-haired soccer sensation with a seductive accent, we’ve been captivated by his talent — and his great head of hair. While we wait in anticipation for Beckham’s appearance at the Opening Ceremony, let’s take a look back at all the different heads of hair he’s sported though the years.

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    Frosted Spikes

    In 2002, Beckham rocked this spiky look.
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    Later that year, Beckham trimmed the spikes — well, most of them — and styled them into an aerodynamic 'do.
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    Swept-Back Style

    In 2011, Beckham appears to have found his best cut and color.
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    Combed and Coiffed

    Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, in 2012, it did.
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    Man Candy

    Hair this perfect deserves another look.
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    Pony Prince

    In 2003, Beckham puts a handsome twist on a half-ponytail.
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    Beckham styled his hair into cornrows prior to arriving for a friendly soccer match in South Africa.
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    Double Pony

    Later that year, Beckham one-upped his previous look.
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    Shortened Shrub

    In 2005, Beckham began taking baby steps toward a more subtle style.
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    Platinum Blond

    In 2007, Beckham tested the theory that "blondes have more fun" with this platinum look.
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    Au Naturel

    We can’t be sure these are Beckham’s natural roots, but it seems as though he embraced a lower-maintenance look in 2009.
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    Faux Mohawk

    A month later, Beckham goes for another daring  'do with this shaggy faux mohawk.
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    Grown-Up Grease

    In 2009, Beckham traded in the spiky mohawks and yellow highlights for a more sophisticated cut.
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