Could Lindsay Lohan go to jail again?

Is Lindsay Lohan facing time in the slammer once again?

The troubled former child star is reportedly in hot water again, this time for failing to complete her community service.

TMZ reports that LiLo is set to go before a judge on Wednesday and show proof of completion of her 240 hours of court-ordered community service, which stem from her 2012 reckless driving case. According to the gossip site, Lohan still has a long way to go before she finishes the required hours.

The judge could consider jail time, TMZ reported.

This is the second time LiLo has been given a chance to finish the hours from the 2012 case. On Nov. 6, 2014, she was supposed to show proof of completion but was only able to show that she was more than halfway done. Wednesday’s court date is her second chance.

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    Still, Lohan could get off easy because she may have a good excuse for not finishing up the hours. Shortly before the New Year, the actress contracted the rare, incurable Chikungunya virus from a mosquito.

    She was hospitalized earlier this week due to a high fever and intense joint pain.

    Lohan has been locked up plenty of times in the past. In 2007, she was in jail for one day in August and then for just over an hour in November, as she was released early due to overcrowding. In 2010 she was also in and out of jail plenty of times, and she served 14 days or a 90 day sentence due to jail overcrowding once again.