Stephen Colbert's Showtime animated series depicts Reagan in Hell

Stephen Colbert's animated series "Our Cartoon President" depicted former President Ronald Reagan in Hell in the episode that aired on Sunday night.

In that episode, the Showtime political satire based on "The Late Show"'s unflattering animated depiction of President Trump, the Trump character made a series of bold attempts to regain support among the "deplorables" by doing things such as "locking up" former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

In one scene, the show also took a shot at one of the most popular Republican presidents in U.S. history - Ronald Reagan.

"Hollywood starlet Ronald Reagan?" Trump exclaimed on a dude ranch. "Wow! So this is Heaven."

"You had a 50/50 shot, but, uh, no," a cowboy hat-wearing Reagan responded before cutting to the backdrop showing a fiery mountain landscape with horrific screams.


The cartoon Reagan offered cartoon Trump advice, telling him that "buttoned-up, good Republican presidents" have "enacted modern history's grossest policies," listing the war on drugs, war with Iraq, and "ignoring the AIDS crisis."

"That last one was you," Trump said.

"In a way, they were all me, and I'm not ashamed of it, either," Reagan replied. "See, an inner-grossness connects all Republicans, even you. Now, go, Donald. Be the grossest Republican you can be. Oh, and one more thing... AIDS isn't real."

The episode also depicted mega GOP donor Sheldon Adelson as a Jabba the Hut-type character from the Star Wars franchise.

Colbert, who hosts "The Late Show," serves as the creator and executive producer of the Showtime series.