Christie Brinkley, 66, flaunts her flat abs in selfie: ‘I am overjoyed to be able to move my body again’

The Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model said a daily workout routine helped her shed the weight she gained in quarantine

Christie Brinkley has plenty of reasons to celebrate.

After the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit veteran endured injuries and underwent hip surgery the past year, the model said she’s feeling like her strong self again – just in time for her birthday on Feb. 2.

Brinkley took to Instagram where she proudly flaunted her flat abs in a mirror selfie while rocking a teal crop top and matching leggings. The cover girl is turning 67 – or she described it, "50th for the 17th time" – next week.

While the model said she normally ignores her age because "I never felt as old as the number anyway," her physical woes made her hit pause on maintaining a daily workout routine.


Christie Brinkley is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit veteran.

Christie Brinkley is a Sports Illustrated Swimsuit veteran. (Photo by Gary Gershoff/WireImage/Getty Images)

"After my very nasty break of my right arm and the frozen shoulder it gave me, I couldn’t do downward dogs, planks, push ups, and at the other end my hop was getting worse with each passing year and long bike rides left me limping…I started to feel limited! Restricted! Dare I say…old!" Brinkley captioned the snap.

"I just couldn’t get enough vigorous exercise, and with quarantine came banana breads and the inevitable extra pounds," the model continued. "I must add I felt overwhelmed by the number of injuries I was dealing with… but I realized I just needed to start with one thing and keep moving forward."

"So I took action," Brinkley continued. "Fixed my hip, got the total replacement, and I am overjoyed to be able to move my body again. I am getting stronger every day, and I like [to] think I’m ready for anything…a hike, swim dive, paddle, ride, ski, and even a big piece of birthday cake! Hey I can work it off!"

Earlier this month, Brinkley told her followers she took time in 2020 to get a hip replacement.


Christie Brinkley turns 67 on Feb. 2.

Christie Brinkley turns 67 on Feb. 2. (Getty Images)

"I injured my hip in a back country skiing helicopter crash on a mountaintop in Telluride many years ago," Brinkley captioned a photo of her bandaged hip.

"The pain in my hip got a little bit worse each year," Brinkley shared, noting she was told 12 years ago her hip needed to be replaced. However, Brinkley admitted the idea was "daunting."

But the pain couldn’t be ignored for much longer. And finally, Brinkley realized it was time.

"I wanted to be ready to be able to say yes to opportunity," she explained. "I had my surgery at Thanksgiving and I was dancing in my kitchen by New Years Eve and today I put on my long fins and explored the coral reefs propelled by my new hip!"