Celebrity Barbie Dolls: 'Mad Men' Collection

Christina Hendricks and Jon Hamm are the latest stars to have their very own collectible dolls. Click through to see who else looks fantastic in plastic!

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    'Mad Men' Barbies

    In a match made in pop culture heaven, Mattel and AMC have joined forces to launch four Barbie Collector "Mad Men" dolls. Fans of the series will have to wait until July -- for both the season four premiere and the Barbies to hit stores, but you can click through now for a sneak peak of the stylish sixties dolls. Fans can get exclusive sketch drawings of the Barbie Collector dolls in the Season Three DVD set, available from Lionsgate on March 23. For more info on the "Mad Men" dolls, visit barbiecollector.com. Click through to see the Sterling Cooper employees in plastic, as well as other celebrity doppelgangers! (Mattel)
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    Christina Hendricks Barbie

    The doll doesn't quite do curvy Christina justice, but all the details on her character's Barbie are there, right down to Joan's signature pen necklace. Gorgeous. For more info on the Joan Holloway Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $74.95 (Mattel/AMC)
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    Jon Hamm Barbie

    Womanizing Don (played by Jon Hamm) looks dapper in his classic red-lined suit and comes accessorized with a hat, overcoat and brief case.  For more info on the Don Draper doll, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $74.95 (AMC/Mattel)
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    John Slattery Barbie

    Ad man Roger Sterling (AKA John Slattery) sports a sharp monogrammed shirt. Sorry, no tiny tumblers -- these dolls are totally sober! For more info on the Roger Sterling doll, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $74.95 (Mattel/AMC)
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    Halle Berry Barbie

    The "Die Another Day" doll is one of the latest from Mattel's Black Label. Halle Berry's Bond Girl character Jinx comes with her own sexy orange bikini. The likeness is incredible! For more info on the Halle Berry Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $34.95 (Mattel)  
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    Barbra Streisand Barbie

    The Barbra Streisand doll from the Pink Label wears a re-creation of Babs' 1963 Coconut Grove outfit. Good luck snagging one of these, the brand new release is already sold out! For more info on the Barbra Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $53.99 (Mattel)
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    She's definitely "in." Barbie masquerades as the sexy supermodel in The Blonde Ambition Collection. For more info on the Heidi Klum Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $44.95 (Mattel/AP)
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    Debbie Harry Barbie

    The Blondie frontwoman gets her own glam doll -- the first in the new Ladies of the 80s Collection. For more info on the Debbie Harry Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $34.95 (Mattel)
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    Mattel harnessed the power of the 'Twilight' phenomenon with these two romantic dolls. R-Patz is sparkly vampire Edward, and K-Stew is mortal Bella. Which looks most like their human counterpart? For more info on the Kristen Stewart Barbie, click here.  For more info on the Robert Pattinson Barbie, click here. Price: $24.95 each (Mattel)
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    Goldie Hawn Barbie

    Go back to the 60s with this mod 'Laugh-In'-inspired doll. Old-school Goldie is featured with her signature wacky body paintings! For more info on the Goldie Hawn Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $44.95 (Mattel)
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    Another from the Ladies of the '80s Collection, Cyndi Lauper's new doll features her trademark funky style. For more info on the Cyndi Lauper Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $34.95 (Mattel)
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    "It" girl Zoe Saldana already has her own Barbie! The actress' 'Star Trek' character, Lt. Uhura is portrayed in the Pink Label collection. For more info on the Zoe Saldana Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $38.00 (Mattel)
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    This Cher doll is no longer manufactured, but you can still find the 70's Bob Mackie-clad doll around. For more info on the Cher Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. (Mattel)
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    Cate Blanchett Barbie

    Cate's ethereal doll is inspired by her 'Lord of the Rings' character, Galadriel. For more info on the Cate Blanchett Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. (Mattel)  
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    There's a new Marilyn doll on the block! The iconic actress is remembered in this Barbie from The Blonde Ambition Collection, wearing a replica of the gold gown created for her by designer William Travilla. Fancy! For more info on the Marilyn Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $43.00 (Mattel)
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    Joan Jett is livin' large with an upcoming bio pic ('The Runaways') and now this new doll from the Ladies of the 80s Collection. The rocker Barbie wears "leather" pants and sneakers and comes with her own guitar. For more info on the Joan Jett Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. Price: $34.95 (Mattel)
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    Kate's role in the Blockbuster film 'Titanic' inspired this elegant Barbie. "Rose" wears an embellished red gown, just like the one in the movie. For more info on the Kate Winslet Barbie, visit barbiecollector.com. (Mattel)
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