Celebrities: Cat people or dog people?

Which four-legged pets do celebs like best?

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    Paris Hilton Can you tell a lot about a person by the types of pets they have? If so, what does that say about Paris Hilton, who owns several dogs, cats and even an African parrot named Hank? (It says she doesn't like to be alone.) Take a peek at which of Hollywood's biggest stars are cat people, and who go for the dogs.  For more pics of Paris, go to x17online.com.
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    Lisa Vanderpump: Dog Person Usually restaurants are animal free, but when the star of Bravo's "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" showed up to BOA Steakhouse with her dressed up pooch, nobody stopped her at the door. Wonder if the pup prefers Filet Mignon or Rib-Eye? For more pics of Lisa, go to x17online.com.
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    Ke$ha: Cat Person Ke$ha takes her cat wherever she goes. She carries her all the way through LAX for a flight out of town.  For more pics of Ke$ha, go to x17online.com.
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    Paula Abdul: Dog Person The former "American Idol" judge makes friends wherever she goes - even outside on the street. Here she is getting ultra-friendly with a pooch she sees outside of her Beverly Hills beauty salon.  For more pics of Paula, go to x17online.com.
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    Jane Lynch: Dog Person The "Glee" star's dog has a celebrity tie to Olivia Newton John. "I named my dog after her. My dog's name is Olivia," Jane Lynch says. "I was a huge fan of hers and I always loved the name too, so Olivia Newton John lives in my dog." For more pics of Jane, go to x17online.com.
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    Russell Brand and Katy Perry: Cat People Katy has a cat named Kitty Purry. Her ex-hubby, Russell also has three kitties. "One of them, Morrissey -- the oldest -- he's on Valium, cat Valium," Russell tells Rachael Ray. "I didn't think I'd ever have a cat psychiatrist in my house, let alone a man waving a crystal over my cat's head." Now that's dedication. Too bad their marriage didn't have a crystal ball. (Reuters)
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    The Beckhams: Dog People Victoria Beckham bought her hubby David this adorable British Bulldog for Christmas in 2009.  Coco, the pampered pooch, has been seen with blinged out collars and hot pink nails.  Yikes. For more pics of the Beckhams, go to x17online.com.  
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    Lea Michele: Cat Person Lea rescued six kittens she found on the Paramount Studios lot. She kept two of the kitties and found homes for the others. "I'm a really big animal lover," the "Glee" star says. "My mother always said, 'Stand for something, or [you'll] fall for everything.' I feel like [animals] don't have a voice." Well, cats actually purr and meow. But we get what she means. (Reuters)
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    January Jones: Dog Person The "Mad Men" used her pup Max to help her stay in shape during her first pregnancy. The actress is often seen walking in Lake Hollywood dog park with her adorable pooch and son Xander. For more pics of January, go to x17online.com.
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    Kristen Stewart: Cat Person The "Twilight" star may not be open about her personal life, but when it comes to her cat Max, she doesn't mind spilling intimate details.  "We have a really strong, really weird co-dependent, almost Bella/Edward relationship," she says. "I'm going to be a crazy cat lady one day, I'm sure." One day? (Reuters)
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    Mischa Barton: Cat Person The former "O.C." star was seen adopting a kitty in Malibu. For more pics of Mischa, go to x17online.com.
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    Martha Stewart: Loves Dogs and Cats The home-making queen has several dogs and cats at home. Recently, one of her pups accidentally sent Martha to the hospital. "As I leaned down to whisper goodbye to a dozing Francesca, I must have startled her, because she bolted upright with such force that she hit me in the face like a boxing glove hitting an opponent's face," she wrote on her blog.  She ended up getting stitches on her lip from the mishap. And cats take the lead! (MarthaStewart.com)
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    Bradley Cooper: Dog Person "I have two beautiful dogs that I cherish," "The Hangover" star said. "Samson is a 14-year-old German short hair pointer and Charlotte is a 6 or 7 year-old Chow Retriever mix. They are both rescue dogs and they are the best ... I'm sort of a hybrid of both my dogs. Samson is stoic and makes me earn it and Charlotte loves me undyingly. They're my kids." For more pics of Brad, go to x17online.com.
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    Nicole Richie: Loves Dogs and Cats The busy mom of two has a cat named Gypsy Rose Lee and two dogs - Foxy Cleopatra and HoneyChild. For more pics of Nicole, go to x17online.com.  
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    Miley Cyrus: Dog Person The young actress, pictured here with Lila, now has three dogs. Her most recent addition, Floyd is her new obsession.  "I'm so in love with him it is ridiculous," she tweeted in July.  They seem to be inseparable. "Floyd was barking to get my attention and I was too busy tweeting," she wrote. "So he jumped into the bath tub with me!"  Tweeting in the tub? Hmmm. For more pics of Miley, go to x17online.com.
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    Camila Alves: Loves Cats and Dogs Camila and Matthew McConaughey had a dog, Foxy, before they adopted a cat for their son Levi in 2010. For more pics of Camila, go to x17online.com.
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    Nicollette Sheriddan: Dog Person Nicollette's former fiance, Niklaus Soderblom gave her a puppy, Oliver, for her birthday in 2004.  Niklaus and the "Desperate Housewives" star have since broken up, but at least she has the golden retriever to keep her warm at night. For more pics of Nicollette, go to x17online.com.
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    Jenna Fischer: Cat Person "The Office" star says of her cat Andy: "I love to sit by the fire and watch a movie with him on my lap all covered up. I love just anything that’s sleeping and cuddling and relaxing.” (AP)
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    kelly dog

    Kelly Osbourne: Dog Person Kelly opened up to Chelsea Handler on her late night show about her pup Sid.  "Its always nice to come home and have someone that’s so excited to see you," she says of her adorable dog. "I take him most places with me. We’re working on getting him a passport so he can come with me when I go to other countries." For more pics of Kelly, go to x17online.com.
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    smits cat

    Jimmy Smits: Cat Person The actor poses with his cat, Mini Me for a Purina calendar featuring celebs and their cats.  (Getty Images/Life.com)
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    kim dog

    Kim Kardashian: Dog and Cat Person Kim sported a cute little pup on her arm before marrying Kris Humphries and now she's toting around a gorgeous kitten, courtesy of beau Kanye West. Maybe if Kris got her a cat, they wouldn't have divorced within a few months.  For more pics of Kim, go to x17online.com.
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    Morgan Freeman: Cat Person Freeman snuggles up with his pet cat at home in New York City. Click here for more pics of celebs and their cats. (Ted Thai/Time & Life Pictures/Getty Image)
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    Heigl dog

    Katherine Heigl: Dog Person The former "Grey's Anatomy" star launched Hounds of Hope together with her mom, to honor her late brother Jason who loved dogs.  For more pics of Katherine, go to x17online.com.
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