Brooke Shields has a neighborhood stalker, report says

A West Village man obsessed with the movie “Blue Lagoon” has been stalking actress Brooke Shields when he’s not at his day job working with kids, police sources and the suspect told The New York Post on Thursday.

John Rinaldi, 40 — who lives a few blocks from Shields’ home and works for the Sandy Hook Kids Center — left the star strange notes, creeped out her children and made nasty comments about her co-workers on social media, the actress told police on April 30.

He allegedly parks his black Audi in front of Shields’ home on and leaves her messages on his windshield along with unwanted packages, police sources said.

He also approached her and made her kids feel “uncomfortable,” the police sources said.

But Rinaldi — who said he watched “Blue Lagoon” to “feel normal” during his troubled childhood — claims he politely contacted her to contribute to his foundation for kids.

“I’ve done nothing wrong. I left her a very polite, professional letter. I have really respected her space. I’ve never once interjected in her personal life,” he said by phone from an undisclosed upstate location.

He added, “I think of her as a sister. I don’t fantasize about her.”

According to the police, Rinaldi is wanted on 4th degree stalking charges.

His social media pages are filled with photos of the actress and he refers to her as “My Brookie” on Facebook.

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