Best and worst reality TV shows

This genre continues to grow at an impressive rate and it's not always a good thing.



    The Kardashians Who better than the Kardashians to kick off our list of the best and worst reality shows on TV? While some shows set out to make people's lives better, others glorify silly antics and not so pleasant behaviors.  Click through to see which side of the scale your favorite shows fall. (E! Network)


    'Undercover Boss' BEST This CBS show let's CEO's and managers go undercover in their organizations to see what really goes on when nobody is looking. By the end of each episode, the boss gets a better idea of how their businesses are run and a few lucky employees get promotions or gifts for their previously unnoticed efforts. (CBS)


    'Preacher's Daughters' WORST Just when we thought reality TV had tackled every topic, Lifetime launched this gem about young teens who try to balance their mischievous ways with their family's religious views. (Lifetime)


    'Dancing with the Stars' BEST No matter how many seasons this show has been on the air (currently in it's 16th season) people don't seem to get sick of seeing C-list stars doing the fox trot across the floor. (ABC)


    'Here Comes Honey Boo Boo' WORST Since TLC's "Toddlers & Tiaras" clearly didn't push the envelope enough, beauty pageant regular Alana Thompson (aka Honey Boo Boo) was given her own show.  The sassy-mouthed grade-schooler coined the phrase: "You'd better redneckonize."  That says it all. (AP)


    'Pawn Stars' BEST Bravo to the History channel for the clever name. For that alone, they belong on the "best" list. The series chronicles what goes on in the World Famous Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas. It's open 24-hours, in Las Vegas. Quite the combo for endless entertainment. (History)


    'Splash' WORST This show on ABC was clearly not thought out completely since someone seems to get hurt every week. The show has 10 celebrities train and compete in platform and springboard diving at dizzying heights in front of a weekly poolside audience.  Diving is hard people! Who thought celebrities would just be able to master the sport? (ABC)  
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    'Storage Wars' BEST This show let's viewers see exactly how much or how little people keep in their storage lockers. Once rent isn't paid for three months, auctioneers sell off what's in these storage lockers at a storage facility in California and sometimes it's amazingly worth the stiff prices people are willing to pay. (A&E)


    'Teen Mom' WORST Way to glorify an epidemic that's going on in the U.S., MTV. Unprepared teenaged moms are followed as they try to figure out how to handle a baby, an absentee father and most importantly, prom. (MTV)


    'Shark Tank' BEST It's not uncommon for small businesses and start-up companies to need financial help when they are just getting started. This show does exactly that as "sharks" (wealthy business moguls) let people pitch them their ideas in the hopes of gaining money and new business partners that can help take their ideas further.  Many times the entrepreneurs leave empty handed, but the publicity is priceless. (ABC)


    'Real Housewives'  WORST The "Real Housewives" franchise on Bravo follows wealthy women from around the country who can't seem to get along. Whether they are in Orange County, New York or New Jersey, the "Real Housewives" provide endless drama. It's so bad, it's almost good (but not quite).  (Bravo)


    'Duck Dynasty'  BEST This A&E show focuses on a loving family who run a business together. They specialize in making handmade duck calls and bird hunting gear.  (A&E)
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