A Year of Fashion With Lady Gaga

V Magazine takes a look back at Gaga's best moments of the year. 

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    A Year in Gaga-Land

    The popular musician is equally famous for her outrageous fashion choices as she is for her powerful voice.  Gaga's fashion director and best friend Nicola Formichetti has picked several of his favorite Gaga moments since July 2009 for V Magazine - which hits stands on Sept. 2.  (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    July 2009

    "This was the shoot that started it all," says Nicola of the first time she worked with Lady Gaga. (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    July 2009

    A gorgeous shot from the V60 fashion story by Sebastian Faena story.  (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.  
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    V Cover

    This was "her first fashion magazine cover in an ultra-tan face and Marc Jacobs hooded coat," recalls Nicola. (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    MTV VMAs

    The award show was "a turning point for Gaga," according to her fashion director. "We changed so many times that night, from the red lace vintage McQueen to the living dress that bled on its own." "But," he adds, "it was never about a shock thing." (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.  
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    September 2009

    The first time fashion people saw Lady Gaga perform live was at the Marc Jacobs V Magazine party.  "She performed a very emotional acoustic set that people weren't expecting," her pal says. (Patrick McMullan) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    The Morning After...

    The day after her emotional performance Gaga did a "quick shoot" in a souvenir T-shirt from the night before.  (Max Abadian) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    October 2009

    One of the covers of the double disc "Fame Monster" album.  "This was about a stripped-down Gaga and creating timeless imagery," says Nicola. "The polar opposites of Gaga pop and Heidi ultra-minimalism into one." (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.  
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    The Fame Monster

    "The two sides of the disc represented the yin and yang of Gaga," he explains. (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    Bad Romance

    The video for "Bad Romance" was the first time that Gaga brought high fashion into her music video in "such a direct way." It featured a look from Alexander McQueen S/S 2010 collection.  "Gaga loved McQueen, McQueen loved Gaga," Nicola explains. "McQueen used the song as the finale of the show and we thought this look would be perfect for the chorus of 'Walk walk fashion baby.'" (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    November 2009

    Lady Gaga's performance with Francesco Vezzoli was "another turning point" according to her fashion director.  "This was an incredible collaboration with Miuccia Prada, Francesco Vezzoli, Frank Gehry and the Bolshoi Ballet," he recalls."So many amazing artists from around the world came together in one place." (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
    2009 Getty Images
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    Monster's Ball

    "We wanted to create a series of fashion videos for the 'Monster's Ball' tour," Nicola tells V Magazine. "It was the first time we collaborated with Nick [Knight]." (Nick Knight) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    December 2009

    Gaga got to meet Queen Elizabeth II. "We created this outfit that was an homage to the Queen but in PVC latex," says Nicola. "Gaga told me that the Queen said something very special to her." (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
    2009 Getty Images
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    The Grammys

    Lady Gaga performed with Elton John at the Grammys. "This was a huge performance with Gaga's all-time hero: Elton John," he continues. "It was also the first time we worked with Mr. Armani." (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    February 2010

    For the amFAR/M.A.C Viva Glam performance: "We worked with Terrenece [Koh] to create a look out of crushed pearls and M.A.C makeup," Nicola explains to V Magazine. (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
    2010 WireImage
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    Brit Awards

    The Alexander McQueen tribute at the Brit Awards is "one of my favorite performances that we've done together," Nicola tells V Magazine. "We wanted to create something that Lee would be happy watching from above," he says. "It was a really emotional moment." (Getty) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
    2010 Getty Images
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    March 2010

    Gaga teamed up with Beyonce for the single "Telephone" and the girls got to bond while making the music video.  "[It was] a celebration of pop consumerism and exploitation," says Nicola. "It was also very much about female bonding. Beyonce wanted to be Gaga'd up and she was very open." (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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    June 2010

    The "Alejandro" video was "about creating a moving fashion image that looked almost painterly," Nicola tells the mag. "It was the darker, more romantic side of Gaga." (V Magazine) Follow FOX411.com on Twitter.
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