7 of the Friendliest Celebrity Ex-Couples Ever

Celebrity splits don't always have to be messy, icky, or ugly affairs with lots of mud-slinging or drama. READ: Kris Jenner on Surviving a Messy Divorce Sure, the messier splits can lead to a whole lot of fun for media types like us, or even for the rest of the world that might experience a tiny bit of delight in seeing a celeb and his or her significant other part ways in nasty fashion. But there are plenty of friendly celebrity exes, like Sarah Silverman and Jimmy Kimmel, the funny former duo that came together to honor the late, great Joan Rivers on his late-night show. And Silverman's current BF, "Masters of Sex" actor Michael Sheen, is besties with his ex Kate Beckinsale, with whom he shares a daughter. So remaining friendly with an ex is not that uncommon for celebrities, especially for those former pairs that had one or many children together. READ: Celebrities With Superfluous Nipples Whether there is a deep love between two people who have parted ways, they are simply doing it for the kids, or there is just the desire to save face and keep up appearances while dealing with the public, the media and their images, here are 13 friendly former couples who lead by example.

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    Nina Dobrev and Ian Somerhalder

    They are also co-stars, and while he's been seen with Nikki Reed, it's probably best for these "Vampire Diaries" actors to remain cool to avoid on-set awkwardness. Plus, they seem to dig each other as people, even though they are no longer lovers. They did make a good-looking pair, though!
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    Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin

    This consciously uncoupled duo — not to be confused with the "Ambiguously Gay Duo" of "SNL" — has been seen hanging out many times since splitting earlier this year. They have two kids together and lots of famous friends, like Jayonce, so it's probably better to keep it cool and cordial, as well as drama-free.
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    Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom

    The genetically blessed pair remains tight since they only recently split, and have their son Flynn, who is quite the looker, between them. Things could get ugly if Justin Bieber is involved. #WeHadTo!
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    Courteney Cox and David Arquette

    They've both moved on, as she is engaged to a rocker and he has a kid with someone else, but these two, who always seemed so right together, remain close friends, and not just for the sake of daughter Coco. Arquette has said that they still love each other and are close, despite the marriage failing. If you miss their coupledom, and the days when she was Courteney Cox Arquette, you can always Netflix "Scream" for your Court/David fix.
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    Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie

    They are often coy about their status, having split in January 2014, but they are co-parenting for the sake of their adorbs son Luca.
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    Cameron Diaz and Justin Timberlake

    They broke up yet eventually starred in the bawdy comedy "Bad Teacher" together. Total pros, right?
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    Jennifer Carpenter and Michael C. Hall

    Life on the "Dexter" set was not marred by the real life divorce of these co-stars, thankfully! They met on the show, where they played a brother and sister. The whole dynamic, both professional and personal, between Carpenter x Hall is … odd.
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