6 Celebrities With Superfluous Nipples

Everyone's body is different and special in its own way. But unless you've got more that two nipples, your body isn't special enough to make it onto this list. READ: Docs Say Jennifer Lawrence's 'Uneven Breasts' Are On The Level We've found six celebrities who meet that exact criteria, including stars from the worlds of film, television and song. Some embrace their extra nipples and show them off during interviews, while others opt to have them removed. In any case, these six celebs sure don't deny 'em. So without further ado, here's a look at the members of the celebrity trip-nip committee:

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    Mark Wahlberg

    "It's actually the size of an infant's nipple," explained actor Mark Wahlberg about his third nipple in an interview with Nova FM. According to the actor, it's located just below his adult-sized left nipple.
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    Joanna Krupa

    In 2012, model and "Real Housewives of Miami" star Joanna Krupa revealed to the Huffington Post that she has a third nipple. "It looks more like a mole, but my doctor said it's an actual third nipple," she confessed.
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    Lily Allen

    English recording artist Lily Allen makes no secret about her third nipple, and she once let the host of a Dutch television show touch it on camera. "It gets hard when you touch it," she laughed.
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    Harry Styles

    Harry Styles (left) of the pop group One Direction confirmed to Nova FM that he has not only one extra nipple, but two. "They're a bit smaller than the other ones," he was quick to point out. "I don't look like a cow or anything."
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    Tilda Swinton

    According to author Mitchell Symon's book "Celebrity Lowdown," Oscar-winning actress Tilda Swinton was born with a third nipple. It's also discussed in a Channel 4 documentary titled "The Triple Nipple Club."
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    Carrie Underwood

    Back before Carrie Underwood was a country star, she was a hopeful on "American Idol." During her audition, Simon Cowell asked her about a rumor he'd heard, and she confirmed to the judges that yes, she was born with a third nipple. "It just looked like a mole," said Underwood. She then explained how it made her feel self-conscious, which is why she had it removed.
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