5 Celebrities Who Had Regrettable Tattoos Removed

Yes folks, even celebrities fall victim to those lapses of bad judgement known as "getting a tattoo for the wrong reasons." And, just like so many of us civilians, many stars have regretted getting ink, and they’ve very literally cleaned up their image by going under a laser to remove their tattoos. READ: 10 Iconic Tattoos in Film Whether it was a rendering of something silly like Mark Walberg’s old Sylvester the Cat tattoo, a symbol of a fly-by-night trend like Britney Spears’ inspirational Kabbalah tattoo, or — this is the biggie — the name of an ex, lots of celebrities have opted to banish regrettable body art. Just yesterday, actress and TV host Adrienne Bailon told EXTRA she was downright thrilled to finally be removing the tattoo of ex-boyfriend Rob Kardashian’s name, whom she dated six years ago. “I’m excited, anxious, excited more than anything. I think I’ve waited a long time, long enough, to have this officially gone,” she said, adding, “I thinking living the last six years with somebody’s name on your body is a little weird, and that’s more painful, like, you know, to have to explain it to my kids.” READ: 10 Things You Didn't Know About Tattoos Some celebrities have gone under the laser plenty of times to remove their ink, but some who are recently getting their tattoos removed still have remnants remaining, like Heidi Klum and her Seal tattoo. These celebrities just go to show you that even when you have money, it can be a serious task to completely remove a tattoo. Keep reading to check out five surprising celebs who removed their ink!  

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    Angelina Jolie

    Back when Angelina Jolie was married to Billy Bob Thorton, she got "Billy Bob" tattooed on her arm (how unfortunate). She got the tattoo removed and has recently put a new piece in its place — the coordinates of her family's birthplaces. PHOTOS: Angelina Jolie's Sexiest Red Carpet Moments
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    Eva Longoria

    Poor Eva Longoria literally did the worst thing to do — she got not one, but three tattoos in honor of her ex-husband Tony Parker. She has the word "nine" on the back of her neck (that was Parker's number), the date of their marriage on her wrist, and his initials reportedly hidden somewhere else on her body. Two years post-divorce, Longoria finally went ahead and got them removed.
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    Heidi Klum

    Model and TV personality Heidi Klum's split was tough on everyone — especially Heidi's skin. She's recently gotten a tattoo reading "Seal" on her right arm removed. (Well, it's in the process of being removed.) SEE IT: Heidi Klum's Super Sexy Red Carpet Look In Cannes
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    Adrienne Bailon

    Singer, songwriter and ex-girlfriend of Rob Kardashian, Adrienne Bailon, made the mistake of getting Rob's name tattooed on her behind, of all places. After waiting six years to get it removed, she only recently started getting rid of the ink.
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    50 Cent

    Curtis "50 Cent" Jackson had a body full of tattoos during the peak of his rap career. After deciding to get into acting, he ended up ditching the tattoos, mostly to save himself some time, since it took so long for makeup artists to cover it all up when he was shooting films.
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